New Volkswagen Caddy in Turkey! Here are the Features and Price

volkswagen caddy want new characteristics and price turkiyede
volkswagen caddy want new characteristics and price turkiyede

So far, showing more than 3 million sales success worldwide, the fifth generation of the Volkswagen Caddy from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is the most popular model, the last week of January will be sold at Turkey market.

The fifth generation Caddy, Volkswagen's first commercial vehicle produced on the MQB platform, becomes safer with completely new and developed different driving assistance systems, and has the feature of being the most digital and safest vehicle in its class with many features it offers.

The new Caddy takes the comfort level to the highest point with its digitized high technology Digital Instrument Panel 'Innovision Cockpit' and its expanded interior.

The four-cylinder 2.0-liter TDI engine offered on the new Caddy offers around 20 percent more power (122PS) and 25 percent more torque (320Nm) than its previous generation.

New Caddy

Caddy first entered the automotive world in 1979 with a pick-up body and the name Rabbit in Volkswagen's factory in the USA, and gained this known name with its launch in Europe in 1982. The success story, which continued with the second generation Caddy in 1996, the third generation between 2003 and 2015, and the fourth generation until 2020, continues with the fifth generation of the model that is stronger, more comfortable, technological and safe than ever before.

Completely redesigned, achieving a striking, sporty look and a brand new interior, the New Caddy manages to preserve 100 percent of Caddy's DNA with its durability, functionality and many technological features. The many innovations it offers, suitable for multi-purpose use, make the new Caddy an attractive option for users of this segment where they can spend pleasant and comfortable time outside of work.

In the fifth generation of Caddy, which was offered for sale with two different bodies, namely Panel Van and Combi, the equipment levels were also renewed; The base model is put on the market under the name of 'Impression', while the upper model is offered for sale as 'Life', the premium model as 'Style' and the Panel Van models with the name 'Cargo'.

import market leader in Turkey

Ever since its launch, all of which reached 3 million units more than the sales figures in the world Caddy, Doğuş Otomotiv's distributorship, since 1998 has reached this segment of the sales figures of approximately 180 thousand units in Turkey and in their class between 2012-2020 8 times the import market showed success to be the leader.

New Caddy


Special launch advantages

The 'Impression' model of the New Caddy, which continues to be the most ambitious model of its class with its new technologies and new design, is for 224 thousand 900 TL, the 'Life' model for 241 thousand 900 TL, and the 'Style' model for 279 thousand 900 TL. It can be purchased at special prices for the launch. Caddy's 'Cargo' version is offered for sale with prices starting from 172 thousand 900 TL.

Panoramic Glass Roof (optional), which was launched for the first time with the new Caddy, is offered for sale for 15 thousand TL instead of 10 thousand TL with a special price advantage for the launch.

Charismatic design and new exterior features

Caddy has been completely renewed and has a brand new, sporty and dynamic design in its exterior. Some of the new external features brought by the MQB platform are; Electrically assisted tailgate, park assist, optional panoramic glass roof with the largest glass area of ​​1,4 m2, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels and new LED headlights / LED tail lights in the 'Style' version.

Technological and digital front console 

The new Caddy is now much more technological with its new front console with fully touch keys and its digital display. The digitized high-tech front console further increases the comfort level with the effect of the spacious interior. The instrument panel and control elements have been completely redesigned in the new Caddy, depending on the equipment level, 'Cargo' and 'Impression' hardware level 6,5; In 'Life' and 'Style' hardware, multimedia systems with an 8,25 inch screen are offered as standard.

With the new touch keypads, it has become much easier to access infotainment system menus, to control driver assistance systems, park assist, warning lights.

New Caddy


Premium convenience and comfort

The LED interior lights presented in the interior design of the new Caddy, the AGR-certified ergoComfort driver's seat, power supply for external 230V devices, keyless entry and start feature are the main features that increase the comfort in the vehicle.

Another new feature introduced in the fifth generation of the Caddy is the new rear passenger compartment vents that provide better climate control and reach the rear of the vehicle.

Thanks to the front suspension made more comfortable with the new steering and shock absorber adjustment and the redesigned rear axle reinforced with Panhard rod and coil spring, the oscillations of the vehicle are damped and the comfort and road holding are increased.

Even safer with new driving assistance systems

Among the driving support and safety systems offered as standard, starting from the basic equipment in the model, which makes the journey safer and more comfortable thanks to its new driving support systems; Emergency Call System eCall, Lane Keeping Assist, Cruise Control, Electronic Differential Lock EDL, Electromechanical handbrake and Auto Hold, Side, curtain and mid airbags for driver and passenger, Electric child lock, Activated in dangerous situations thanks to front camera and radar while driving 'Front Assist' with incoming emergency braking,, Lane Change Assistant "Side Assist" is included.

Powerful and environmentally friendly new engine 

The 4-cylinder fully renewed engine offered in the new Caddy, thanks to the new double-jet SCR technology used for the first time in its segment, ensures the Euro 2021d-ISC emission standards, which must be passed in 6, while creating positive results both in ecological and economic terms. The 2.0-liter TDI engine offers high performance with 122PS power and 320Nm torque, while providing fuel savings of about 10 percent in manual gear and about 15 percent in automatic gear DSG.

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