Çaldıran Municipality Raises Future National Skiers

caldiran municipality trains future national skiers
caldiran municipality trains future national skiers

Little skiers are trained in the thermal ski center of Çaldıran Municipality in order to train future national athletes.

Ski training is provided by ski trainers in the thermal ski center, which is owned by the municipality and consists of natural snow in the Çaldıran district at an altitude of 2050. Within the scope of ski training, students are provided with ski equipment, transportation and food facilities. indicating one of the rare places where the thermal water and ski resort in the world that one Çaldıran Mayor Shafiq Ansari, "Our district is located in one of Turkey's most natural snowfall and cold. National skiers are trained in our thermal ski center, which was built by our municipality and consists of natural snowfall. We offer ski equipment, transportation and food facilities to our children trained by ski coaches. In Çaldıran, we train our youth and children who know skiing and try to learn skiing. We offer our students who do not have the means to participate in the studies by taking them from their homes. At the same time, we ensure that those who have skiing skills but are not allowed by their families, attend training by meeting with their families ”.

“New skiers to our country kazanPresident Ensari said, “We have determined that we have very talented students who participate in ski training. By evaluating these kazanwe want to climb. Our trainers first introduce our children to the materials used in skiing and are informed about the risks that may occur in falls during skiing. After some trainings, practical applications are started on the track, accompanied by our trainers. With the realization of such sports in our district, our young people have the opportunity to have fun in their spare time and to learn skiing," he said.

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