International Tender Will Be Made Soon For Buca Metro

Buca metro will be tendered internationally very soon
Buca metro will be tendered internationally very soon

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said that the density of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in the first meeting in January kazanAt the moment, he mentioned the slander campaigns against him. Referring to the real allegations about the floating dock named “Agamemnon”, Soyer said, “From now on, I will call a lie a lie. This is a slander and I will share it with the people of Izmir.”

Saying that a great injustice was done to İzmir with personal attacks, Soyer said, “How optimistic I was when I said 'I hope this will end' at the last meeting. Cyprus and Pagos issues are still being brought up. All of them have context, time, meaning in the conditions of that day. During the Cyprus peace talks, they take a word that was said to keep the British from interfering with the perception that "we do not want the Turkish army in Cyprus". Then, sincerity is spoken of ”.

Referring to the investments made, Soyer said, “We bought 400 buses and two-car ferry in one and a half years, and we paid 136 million lira. They say that we still haven't laid the foundation for Buca Metro. My heart… There is a pandemic, there was an earthquake in this city. Still, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality created a consortium of 490 million Euros for Buca Metro. With an interest rate of 3.2 and a maturity of 15 years. Republic of Turkey, the less interest to raise the funds to finance what? Moreover, we will make an international tender very soon. In addition, despite the pandemic, 10 kilometers of underground tunnels were dug in Narlıdere Metro and we found 125 million Euros of financing ”.

Saying “They are trying to spoil our chemistry”, Soyer completed his words as follows: “We will continue to work with heart and soul. We spend time on issues that will not fill the fig seed. Still, our belief in this city and the people of Izmir does not diminish. We are in good mood, we will continue with heart and soul ”

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  1. Two words of the mayor clearly show how he discriminated:
    “They say that we still haven't laid the foundation of Buca Metro. My heart… There is a pandemic ”
    "Despite the pandemic, 10 kilometers of tunnels were dug underground in Narlıdere Metro and 125 million euros"

    Dokuz Eylül University, the largest district of Izmir alone, has over 80.000 students. While priority should be given to this district, neither priority has even been laid in this metro business. How many years has Buca Metro been announced? How many years has this person become mayor? Did they hammer a nail in Buca?