Press Members Visited Ayazini Village With Its 3 Thousand Years of History

members of the press toured the Ayazini bay with a thousand-year history
members of the press toured the Ayazini bay with a thousand-year history

Afyonkarahisar Governor Gökmen Çiçek organized a visit to Ayazini for press members due to January 10 Working Journalists Day. "We want to make Ayazini the center of a cultural tourism destination," said Governor Çiçek, who told reporters about the work made on flowers.

Deputy İbrahim Yurdunuseven, Mayor Mehmet Zeybek, Deputy Governors Nurullah Kaya, Mehmet Keklik, IGM President Burhanettin Çoban, Press Associations, TV, Newspaper, Radio and Internet media, and many members of the press participated, Governor Gökmen Çiçek explained the work.

A Meaningful Day Train Travel

Prior to the Ayazini Village trip, Governor Gökmen Çiçek, protocol members and members of the press traveled by train from the Historical Train Station to Gazlıgöl, located in the center where the atmosphere of nostalgia prevails. From there, we moved to Ayazini Village, which is on the way to become the center of tourism, fascinates those who see it with its 3 thousand-year history and contains the traces of the Phrygian Civilization. Here, the stages reached in the ongoing projects, the area where restoration and street rehabilitation works were carried out, were investigated.

Historical and Cultural Values ​​Will Be Revealed

Stating that the doors of the 3 thousand year old secret will be opened to visitors as of May, Governor Gökmen Çiçek said: “Thanks to the welcoming center that will serve with the Phrygian Valley Ayazini Rural Tourism Village project, guests will have the opportunity to have cafes, bakeries, services, mini theaters, parking lots, toilets, rest and viewing terraces. . "The historical houses and streets in the village will be restored and the tourism infrastructures will be strengthened by restoring historical and cultural values." Providing information about the rehabilitation works of 148 houses in Ayazini Village within the scope of street improvement, Governor Çiçek said that the public ownership of these houses are used as boutique hotels, gastronomy centers, local product sales points and boutique museums.

Let's make this region the center of tourism by hand in hand

Pointing out that Afyonkarahisar is not just a thermal city, Governor Gökmen Çiçek said: “The Mysterious City Afyonkarahisar has a different beauty, a different mystery and a different mystical air in every part of it. When we look at our pencil, we are like a film set. We are not just a thermal city. We are a city with a cultural and historical background besides thermal. We have a history that goes back 8 thousand years. 576 km of the 400 km Phrygian Valley is located in Afyonkarahisar. Until today, we haven't been able to introduce this place much. They were on their way, but it wasn't enough. Based on the previous studies, we decided to revive this place and make it a center of cultural tourism with the experience they left. Day and night, we worked hand in hand. It started to attract the attention of tourists with your support. The interest of those who see it from the press is increasing. 250 vehicles arrived last week. Let's make it a tourism destination by hand in hand. Ayazini has become a love. It was a nice union here. The people of the village give their support to the end. If the villagers were like this, we will fly this place with the support of you press members ”.

Governor Gökmen Çiçek thanked the Deputies, Mayor, Deputy Governors, District Governor, muhtar, contractor company, business people for their support and all village residents who contributed.

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