Response to the Coup Attempt Grows in Afyonkarahisar

The reaction to the coup attempt is growing in Afyonkarahisar: The reactions to the military coup attempt in Afyonkarahisar are growing like an avalanche. In this context, the platform of the city's non-governmental organizations made a statement at Ali Çetinkaya Station and condemned the coup attempt.

Representatives and employees of TCDD non-governmental organizations gathered at Ali Çetinkaya Station put a common reaction to the military coup attempt. In the statement that the common reaction was given; Turk-İş Provincial Representative Muharrem Uslu, Transportation Officer-Sen Afyonkarahisar Branch President Ahmet Söğüt, AFDEMED Branch President Hasan Yılmaz, DEMARD Branch President Reşat Petek, DEMOK Branch President İbrahim Yılmazkol were present.

Demiryol-İş Union Branch President Türk-İş Afyonkarahisar Provincial Representative Muharrem Uslu said that they saw the attempt against the country and the nation as a coup against democracy and the will of the nation. Stating that they are against any kind of initiative that develops outside the constitutional order and ignores the will of the nation; “The tragedy that terrorism envelops our country, the solidarity and the most needed nowadays, is the stagnation in the direction of military development. What happened is incredible. Those who are not Turkish soldiers, hiding themselves as if they were asking, shot Turkish soldiers, police and civilians; clashed with the police. Our supreme council, which could not be oppressed in any period of its history, was hit by our own warplanes and helicopters. ” said.

Muharrem Uslu said that the FETÖ / PDY, which was created as an international project over a 40-year period, beyond the coup attempt, considered the attempt to 'occupy' the state from within by eliminating the national will. Noting that the actions of the insidious terrorist organization can never be forgotten by the nation, Uslu said; “We stand by our country, our parliament and our nation, and we will continue to stay with us. With the upright stance of our saint nation, this trouble started to be defeated. Our employees will not leave the squares until this abhorrent assault and terrorist attack ends. Whatever should be done to get rid of the traitors who pass the innocent citizens who broke the Turkish soldiers to the Turkish soldiers by passing through the tank, brutally bombarding our police officers, who brutally martyred our police. It will not allow anyone to spoil the peace and tranquility of our country. ” he spoke.

Turkey's unity, integrity and destroy the heinous targeting the democratic uprising and Uslu said they condemn the terrorist attacks, the words continued as follows: "welcomed being met all traitors who are in this business, it is expected to be punished as they deserve a moment ago. In addition, internal cleaning of our country is imperative as soon as possible to get rid of this organization, which is understood to have been made primarily in the judicial, civil, military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies, gendarmerie and coast guard institutions and other institutions. We, the employees, announce to the public that we are ready to take the necessary responsibility at every point our country, our nation and our Supreme Assembly need us in these difficult days of our country; We wish mercy from Allah to our martyrs, urgent healing to our wounded people, condolences and patience to the woeful families. ”

Transport Officer-Sen Afyonkarahisar Branch Head Ahmet Söğüt spoke on behalf of TCDD Civil Society Organizations Platform. In the first hours of the coup attempt, Officer-Sen Confederation President Ali Yalçın went to the area; He reminded him that the day was not the day of stopping at home but the day of claiming the country. Söğüt said: “The treacherous coup attempt against the national will has been repelled by the upright stance of our state's ferocity, our state, non-governmental organizations and labor organizations. The password of the coup; The Marmaris't. If the President had been killed there, then there would have been a lot more coup plotters. Therefore Marmaris Turkey's ear was around a lot of union officials in the coup. But they did not expect. Erdogan's live connection to CNN Turk has stepped back to most coup plotters. He was alive and challenging. Here he drew a set to this coup. Erdogan's appearance on the screen, albeit with a simple phone look, resolved the node. Most of the putschists took a step back. In fact, some coup plotters who saw Erdogan live on the screen were connected to the televisions and returned to the military barracks. Grieves return to the brink of a much larger impact than expected Turkey. The danger is not yet complete. Squares are very important. ”

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