Moscow Metro's First Female Machinists Take Duty

The first female mechanics of the moscow subway started their duty
The first female mechanics of the moscow subway started their duty

After reducing the number of jobs in which women are prohibited by the decision of the Russian Ministry of Labor, women can now be machinists. 12 female machinists took office yesterday in the historical Moscow Metro.

According to the news in SputniknewsUnder the instructions of the Russian Ministry of Labor, women were allowed to work as train drivers on subways as of January 1, 2021.

Moscow Deputy Mayor Maksim Liksutov stated that 25 women have been undergoing training since February, 12 of them are eligible to serve. kazanhe said he did.

Thus, 12 female machinists started to work in the Moscow Metro yesterday.

Liksutov said, “Today everyone should be able to do whatever they want, regardless of whether they are men or women. In this sense, we are very happy that Moscow is one of the first cities to enable women to work in the subway and gain a new profession, ”he said.

Liksutov stated that the number of female machinists will increase over time, and demands have been made for the task.

On the other hand, female mechanics will be able to decide on their own to wear trousers or skirts while working, thanks to the special uniforms designed for them. It is stated that at least 50 female machinists are planned to be employed at the Moscow Metro next year.

Although women were on duty in almost every aspect of life in Russia, trains on the subway were used by men in the past, as mechanics were among the professions deemed harmful to women's health. As trains now have automated systems, they are not seen among the professions associated with heavy physical strength.

The new decision of the Russian Ministry of Labor on areas where women are prohibited from working entered into force as of January 1. While previously there were restrictions on women working in 456 fields, the new document that entered into force includes 100 professions.

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