Lexus first in the world with a digital mirror touts Sale in Turkey

Lexus, world-first digital aynay offered for sale in Turkey
Lexus, world-first digital aynay offered for sale in Turkey

Premium car manufacturer Lexus continues to offer technological innovations in the market of Turkey. Lexus offers the Digital Mirror technology, which provides more driving comfort, with the elegant sedan ES. Digital Mirror technology can be preferred in the hybrid ES 1h Exclusive equipment with a price of 675 million 300 thousand TL. Lexus ES models with Digital Mirror took their place in Lexus Dolmabahçe Showroom in Istanbul and Lexus Mahall Showroom in Ankara.

Lexus, world-first digital aynay offered for sale in Turkey
Lexus, world-first digital aynay offered for sale in Turkey

Introduced as the world's first Digital Mirror in mass production vehicles, the system brings digital cameras and high-resolution screens to the vehicle instead of traditional mirrors.

With the replacement of conventional mirrors by smaller cameras, the viewing angle improves, while the already quiet Lexus' cabin is even quieter with the reduction of wind noise.

Driving safety and comfort is enhanced with the Digital Side Mirror Monitor. Providing a wider and clearer view of the environment in all road conditions, Digital Mirrors completely eliminate the blind spot that can cause accidents.

Designed not to be affected by rain and dirt, Digital Mirrors also prevent icing and misting in cold weather with the heating feature in their cameras. The brightness sensor in the cameras automatically adjusts itself to prevent the headlights of the vehicle coming from behind from catching the Lexus driver's eyes.

Camera and high resolution screens instead of mirrors

The Digital Mirrors, developed by Lexus, combine stylishly designed cameras placed outside the vehicle and two 5-inch high-resolution screens placed on the front pillars inside.

The ergonomically designed system allows the driving to be carried out with less head movement, thus providing less fatigue for the driver. While driving, it requires less head movement when controlling the surroundings of the vehicle, which reduces the load on the driver, as Lexus aims, for a more comfortable ride.

In addition, the Digital Mirrors move automatically during parking maneuvers to provide the best viewing angle. Safer driving and parking maneuvers can be performed with reference guide lines on the screen.


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