Lot Lottery was Held for KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Houses Houses

Lottery draw was held for kiptas izmit cinar houses residences
Lottery draw was held for kiptas izmit cinar houses residences

A lottery draw was held for KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Evleri Residences, the foundation of which was laid with the cooperation of IMM and Izmit Municipality. Stressing that unconditional cooperation in the public sector is a must, İmamoğlu said, “Everyone should be aware of their public duty. No one should describe processes here in terms of personal egoism or personal set and expectations. In this sense, this cooperation we made in Izmit is an example to this. It is also interesting that you define a good cooperation on the right needs determination process at the right time, in the right place. This project, which collects a demand of approximately twenty times, is an example of this in that sense ”.

A lottery was drawn for KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Evleri Residences, the foundations of which were laid on 28 December. The lottery event held in the presence of a notary public at KİPTAŞ General Directorate in Topkapı, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Izmit Mayor Fatma Kaplan Hürriyet. Speaking before the drawing, İmamoğlu, Hürriyet and KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt each made speeches.


Reminding that Istanbul and Izmit are provinces close to each other, İmamoğlu said, "I wish the energy of proximity will provide good opportunities in both municipalities." Expressing his gratitude to every institution, organization and person who contributed to the project, whose foundation was laid in December, İmamoğlu emphasized that unconditional cooperation in the public sector is a must. Saying that “Everyone should be aware of their public duty”, İmamoğlu said, “No one should define a process based on personal egoism or a personal set and expectations. In this sense, this cooperation we have made in Izmit is an example to this. It is also interesting that you define a good cooperation on the right needs determination process at the right time, in the right place. As we can see, this project, which garnered nearly twenty-fold demand, is also an example of this in that sense ”.


Stressing that the cooperation with Izmit Municipality will continue in other areas, Imamoglu said, “This is not a party in any way. Our call is clear; Whoever wants to connect with us, our door is wide open; "We cooperate, create solutions, contribute to the solution." Stating that it is necessary to struggle with two main principles regarding earthquake, İmamoğlu said:

“One of them is urban transformation. To ensure that people have solid and healthy residences from residences that are wrong to stop even for a moment. Another issue is, by producing social housing, which actually served that process, which is an example of this, Çınar Evler, by providing people who could not own a house to have solid, livable and people-oriented houses with many elements; the effort to include them in a system that they own safely. These two will perhaps be our biggest assurance in the Istanbul earthquake we will experience. "


Underlining that they will carry out these and similar projects in a sensitive, transparent, honest and self-interested manner, İmamoğlu said, “Unfortunately, in the past, the opposite examples have occurred within this institution. As we bring these to light, our sadness increases. But we will continue to do the necessary actions regarding them without ever missing out on them ”.


Izmit Mayor Hürriyet underlined that the collaboration they have with IMM and KİPTAŞ is very valuable for them. Hürriyet said, “The solidarity of our Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with us and our work together is the first fruit of today. We always say: We are the district municipality, but with the contribution of our metropolitan municipalities; In Izmit, I owe a debt of gratitude to our dear President, to realize projects for the good of people and to show solidarity in this sense. Regardless of any politics that these extend a helping hand to all municipalities in Izmit, izmitli are important for all Kocaeli and Turkey. Because the IMM, the locomotive of Turkey. It is very precious to live a part, a meaning and a work of this locomotive in Izmit and to bring it to life in Izmit. The fact that this process is carried out so transparently, that our people are provided with a fair and equal opportunity and opportunity, and that our healthcare professionals, disabled people and relatives of martyrs are given priority as privileged groups in the details of the project is a feature that further increases the value of the project.


Sharing numerical information in his speech, KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt said:

“At the end of the 3-week period, the number of our applications was 2, and we reached 930 times the number of residences in our project. Unfortunately, we have applicants who cannot enter the lottery due to not paying the participation fee or missing information. The number of applications that will enter the lottery and approved by the notary is 20 thousand 2. Our KİPTAŞ Çınar Evler project is a concrete example of our new management approach. We look at our projects not in terms of the number of houses, but with the awareness of how precious and valuable it is to make our citizens who do not own a home. KİPTAŞ Çınar Evler means more than 605 residences to us. With this project, we showed how useful works can be done for the benefit of society in a short time with the joint cooperation of public institutions. In Izmit, which is located on the earthquake zone, we drew attention to the importance of the building stock and pioneered many institutions to accelerate their investments in this sense. "


“We hope that on this road we opened as KİPTAŞ; Saying that much more qualified, safe, accessible and social housing projects of this quality are made, Kurt said, “We hope that a project of this quality and this standard will be offered to the market under more favorable conditions than the opportunities we offer. We enjoy it and take an example. Thus, our citizens who do not have a home will be evacuated from their risky buildings as soon as possible and will be moved to solid residences ”. Stating that they included healthcare workers in the privileged group category, Kurt said, “We will start by drawing the lottery of our healthcare professionals, disabled citizens and martyred families. We will designate one full and four substitute members. Our aim in over-determining our substitute members is to match our application criteria with the real beneficiaries. We aim to match this project with the criterion owners we have determined at the beginning ”.

Following the speeches, İmamoğlu, Hürriyet, Kurt and KİPTAŞ A.Ş. Ertan Yıldız, Chairman of the Board of Directors, determined the first winners of the project in a drawing held before a notary.


“KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Evler Social Housing Project” was designed with the vision of increasing the durable building stock of İzmit and building a qualified, modern, accessible social housing project. Bringing together the new generation social housing and boutique life concept, the project consists of 4 residences in 143 blocks and 5 commercial units. In the project, there are 87 2 + 37 garden-use flats with an average floor gross area of ​​2 m1, 93 2 + 66 mezzanine flats with 2 m1 and 124 2 + 40 residences with 3 m1. 143 percent of the project consists of green areas. In the project; There are large green areas, parking lots and sports fields.


As an application requirement; He must not have a house owned by himself or his spouse, have resided in Kocaeli province borders for the last year, and have not bought a house from KİPTAŞ before. To the project; Between 28 December and 18 January, an online request was received from KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Evler Sitesi (cinarevler.kiptas.com.tr). The 500 TL participation fee was paid by credit card or money order / EFT on the internet. In addition, a reference tent was set up in Izmit. The families of martyrs, war and duty invalids, widows and orphans, corresponding to 21 percent of the residences in the project; at least 40 percent of disabled citizens and all healthcare personnel who certify that they work in public and private health institutions and organizations as insured.

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