İŞKUR Support for Job Seekers!

Iskur support for job seekers
Iskur support for job seekers

The Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk stated that they provided motivation support to job seekers with their intensive Job and Vocational Counseling service and they did not slow down in education during the pandemic period, and said, "Our goal is to spread our Business Clubs to 2021 cities by the end of 81".

Minister Selçuk reminded that after the first coronavirus case was seen in our country, they supported millions of employees, and that they carried the face-to-face training provided in Job Clubs to electronic environment. Stating that trainings for groups that require special policies in the labor market such as women, youth, disabled and ex-convicts are being continued, Minister Selçuk said, “We operate in 68 units in 76 provinces. Our goal by the end of 2021 to expand the Business Club in Turkey, "he said.

Stating that they are preparing job seekers for the labor market within the scope of the intensive Job and Vocational Counseling service provided by İŞKUR, Minister Selçuk said, "In our Job Club trainings, we convey to the participants what needs to be done in preparing a resume, career planning and job interviews."

Not only Theoretical but also Practical Trainings

Sharing the details of the training that took place in the Job Clubs, Minister Selçuk continued as follows: “With the trainings that can be organized for up to five days, we provide our participants with theoretical and practical training on subjects such as getting to know themselves and the labor market, body language, interview techniques and employer expectations. We determine the training contents in line with the needs of the target group. We also include our employers in this training. We enable them to participate in interview simulations. We increase the self-confidence and motivation of the participants by using methods such as group meetings, individual work and peer counseling. "

Underlining that 11.500 people personally benefited from the trainings organized online from June to the end of the year, Minister Selçuk said, “Within the scope of the studies, we cooperate with institutions and organizations such as educational institutions, Women's Shelters, Child Support Centers, Probation Directorates, Public Education Centers and non-governmental organizations. said.

Our Activities in Educational Institutions Continue at Full Speed

Stating that İş Club activities continue at full speed in educational institutions, Selçuk said, “With the transition of our schools to online education, we provided them with the necessary adaptation in this process. In 2020, 7 students attended online trainings we organized at university level. We supported the career planning of our students who graduated and continued their education in this difficult process ”.

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