Amount Paid in Social Aids Increased

The amount paid in social benefits has been increased
The amount paid in social benefits has been increased

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, said that they increased the amount of support provided in many topics, from Social and Economic Support Service (SED) to disability and elderly assistance, home care service payments to protected workplaces. How much was home care pensions? How much was the old and disabled pensions?

Selçuk stated that the amount paid in social support programs initiated by the ministry for citizens in need was increased by 2021; “In these days when we are struggling with coronavirus, we have increased the amount paid to the needy. As a requirement of the duty assigned to our Ministry, we protect the disadvantaged segments of the society from social exclusion and eliminate their grievances with the understanding of rights-based service. "Our increasing budget resources play an important role in the spread of the services and assistance we offer to all segments of society.

1.161 TL for Each Child in SED Payments

Minister Selçuk said, “We increased the amount of SIA by 2021. The amount of payment for each child reached 1.161 TL. In this context, we paid 131 million TL for 149 thousand children who benefited from SIA service in January. With SED, we support our children with the family, preserve family integrity and look out for the best interests of our children ”.

Support for Protected Workplaces Reaches 914 TL

Selçuk noted that with the 'Protected Workplace' model, which was implemented to support the employment of mentally and mentally disabled citizens in the private sector, the monthly amount paid for each disabled person for workplaces increased to 2021 TL in 914.

Home Care Pensions Rise to 1.657 TL

Stating that they provide Home Care Assistance services for the provision of home care for disabled individuals, Selçuk said, “We paid a total of 2020 billion TL to our 536 thousand citizens in 9,4”. Minister Selçuk stated that the amount of assistance to be paid per person within the scope of Home Care Assistance for the first six months of 2021 is 1.657 TL.

Increase in Elderly and Disabled Pensions

Selçuk stated that they increased the amount of elderly pension, disabled pension, disabled relative's pension and chronic disease assistance in 2021. Minister Selçuk said, “For the first six months of 2021, the amount of assistance to be paid per person in the elderly pensions to 763 TL, the pension of 40 and 69 disabled citizens to 609 TL, the pension of 70 percent and above disabled citizens to 914 TL, "We increased the amount of cash aid paid to TB patients and SSPE patients in need to TL 609," he said. Selçuk emphasized that the support for citizens with silicosis is also increased.

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