Flokser Chemistry Saves Energy with Polyurethane Roof and Wall Panels

Flokser Kimya provides energy savings with its polyurethane roof and facade panels.
Flokser Kimya provides energy savings with its polyurethane roof and facade panels.

With the winter months, thermal insulation becomes more important than ever. Polyurethane construction and insulation products developed by Flokser Kimya meet many needs at the same time with their lightness, durability and non-flammability performances. Polyurethanes, which are used more and more every day in roof and facade panels, provide high performance thermal insulation in many different areas from shopping malls to factories and cold storage. Panels, which are easy to install and install, reduce the heating and cooling costs of enterprises.

Turkey's ministry approved the first private R & D center with polyurethane company Phlox chemistry, applied in areas where the products developed by lowering the energy costs. While polyurethane roof and facade panels for the building sector reduce heating and cooling costs with their strong thermal insulation performance; It meets many criteria such as durability, lightness and non-flammability at the same time.

Offers options of different densities and thicknesses for panel production

Polyurethanes are increasingly preferred in roof and facade panels with their light, modern, durable and high performance features. Sandwich panels produced by applying polyurethanes of different thickness and density between sheet metal or aluminum plate are used in many areas as roof and facade cladding from factories to prefabricated buildings. Flokser Kimya offers a selection of different components suitable for the production processes of roof and facade panel producers in polyurethane systems that provide high thermal insulation with its closed cell structure.

It meets all the needs needed

Another product group offered by Flokser Kimya is the polyurethane filling material suitable for roof insulation panels that are produced as galvanized sheet on one side and polyethylene film on the other side with a thickness of 10 mm. Polyurethane roof and facade panels, which allow easy installation and assembly with its light structure, fully meet the required requirements with its non-flammable products with PIR (polyisocyanurate) structure.

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