Akçaray Traveled 1 Million KM in 1 Year

Akcaray covered a million km per year
Akcaray covered a million km per year

The Akçaray tram, which provides transportation services between the Bus Terminal and Beach Road stations by the Park, traveled 1 million km in 1 year. Trams, which continue to provide non-stop service to citizens due to the pandemic, provide fast, comfortable and healthy transportation.


Trams provided a non-stop transportation service, so to speak. Trams providing railway service in Izmit traveled 1 km in 1.192.608 year. There are 20 stations in total with a 15 km round-trip line length. Akçaray, which has become the symbol of the city with the transportation service provided by 18 trams, provides a fast, comfortable and healthy transportation opportunity for the citizens.


The trams, which made 86 thousand trips in a year, worked loudly. Citizens were not victimized with the flights that decreased to 5 minutes during peak hours. Tram services, which started at 05.50, continued throughout the day until 00.00. The trams, which are constantly controlled from the control center, continued to serve throughout the day.


Cleaning operations were carried out by a cleaning army on the Akçaray tram, where cleaning was never compromised before and after the pandemic. Every evening, when the trams came to the warehouse area at the end of the day, as a result of the dedication and efforts of the cleaning teams, they were made ready for the trip in the morning. With high-level disinfection equipment, all points of the tram that are not contacted inside and outside of the tram were cleaned every day by a completely professional team and possible virus transmission was prevented. Thanks to the UV FILTER attached to the vehicles, the coronavirus in the vehicle was destroyed at a rate of 99%, and the quality of the air circulation in the vehicle was also brought to the highest levels.

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