US Drug Policy Arrangements critical importance for Turkey

abdnin drug policy arrangements of turkey on the critical OneM is overflowing
abdnin drug policy arrangements of turkey on the critical OneM is overflowing

The policies and effects that Joe Biden will implement with his election as president in the USA are a matter of curiosity. Following the conclusion of the presidential elections in the United States, will affect Turkey in the new era policies continue to be tabled. Chief among these is the drug policies expected to change. econix Research In this context "United States Presidential Election Results Expected by Drug Policy Changes and Possible Repercussions on Turkey" was published a detailed report. Regarding the effort to reduce high drug prices in the USA, which constitutes 48% of the world pharmaceutical market according to the report; International reference pricing (IRP) and drug imports are expected to be addressed by the new president, Biden, in the near future. of amendments to the country who wants to be a pioneer in drug production in terms of Turkey's pharmaceutical exports it is expected to lead to significant effects.

"1,4 billion dollars export figure may increase rapidly"

Leading the research team, Dr. In his statement regarding the report, Güvenç Koçkaya said, “The USA, which is the world's largest market for pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies, is also the country with the highest pricing in terms of average drug prices in the world. Therefore, the necessity of regulations is quite clear. In this context, in September 2020, the Trump administration legalized a framework that allows it to import certain drugs from Canada. In his campaign, Biden offered to allow "safe prescription drugs" to be purchased from other countries. With the election of Biden, changes in drug policy are expected in terms of international reference pricing, greater transparency and direct drug imports to the US. This change of date for Turkey on behalf of the US export drugs to say that a threshold. Pharmaceutical industry exports 2019 to 1,4 billion US dollars in Turkey, which is the case right steps to take in 2019 may increase the import coverage ratio of exports reached 32%, can rise to the desired level, and maybe a country that more exports of drugs. " said.

There are two formulas in pharmaceutical exports

In the report the case to go to the road to allow the import of US patent protection products obsolete, noted that it will supply great importance for Turkey, wanting to be the leading country in drug production. Currently, Switzerland and the quality will be able to export to developed countries such as Germany have facilities capable of manufacturing in Turkey, is expected to form a significant export opportunities for resident pharmaceutical companies. For this to happen they make high-quality production of established drug manufacturers in Turkey, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) due from such institutions emphasized the need to prove with documents. In this context, incentives for planning of exports to the US of products produced in Turkey is expected to be submitted. In a further method of the products produced in Turkey, the United States has already granted export permits in Canada's registration has indirectly stated that the provision of access to the US market. For this, it is mentioned that the private sector may need to make agreements with intermediary companies in Canada, establish a company or buy a company.

"Deals with arrangements to be made use of in the hands of Turkey"

econix report prepared as a result of the reflections of drug policy in the United States is expected to turn that opportunity to Turkey to observe that expresses great responsibility falls Dr. The Oğuzhan Gülpembe, "Possible case of the United States` easier to export drugs with new regulations to meet the demand for drugs create problems for Turkey which will be built on the current status of the manufacturer. Turkey to do the necessary planning of drug manufacturers built especially for the public authority does not happen and you need to take action. Otherwise, the window of opportunity will occur when that will be used by other countries and Turkey will have difficulty in reaching the goals set in pharmaceutical exports. In order to turn the effects of expected drug policies into opportunities in the USA; New methods need to be developed in pharmaceutical pricing, distribution and reimbursement processes. In order to facilitate the export of drugs from Turkey, the United States not only with domestic companies, the promotion of established international firms in Turkey are important. Because these companies are companies that can currently sell products to the USA. At this point, the opportunity for translators to facilitate the export of drugs can say that it depends on Turkey. " said.

Great responsibility falls on the Ministry of Health and SGK

econix according to a report from research all of the world's 10 largest pharmaceutical manufacturers installation companies and products from the market of Turkey in value in 2019 of 40,7 billion Turkish Liras, box scale is 2,37 billion boxes reaching the highest drug between 2010 to 2019 years It seems that it has reached its volume. With the adoption of the US international reference pricing policy if the rise in drug prices in the OECD countries will also be implications for Turkey. These countries will use as a reference is applied to Turkey's long-term due to lower drug pricing policies in the pharmaceutical sector in terms of falling profitability, it is expected to provide improvements with the possible increase in drug prices. However, it is also among the estimations that this situation causes an increase in the pharmaceutical budget for the public.

Professor in the research team. Dr. Zafer Çalışkan, on the other hand, about the possible price increases, "Despite the possible drug price increase with the US effect, SSI's taking Alternative Reimbursement Agreements for generic products in the upcoming period or the Health Market application initiated by the Ministry of Health for drugs and to spread it as soon as possible. may be useful. " used the expressions.

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