2020 Map of Turkey Name Removed! Here are the Most Preferred Names

most preferred names too want turkey map name was removed
most preferred names too want turkey map name was removed

The Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs announced the data on the names given to babies born in 2020.

According to this; In 2020 559.753 men in Turkey, 531.390 XNUMX baby girls were born. It was noteworthy that parents' tendency to give traditional names to male babies was higher than female babies. Whereas the sensitivity to bear the names of grandparents in naming male babies was prominent, it was observed that the tendency to name baby girls with modern and popular names was more common.

Among the 1.091.143 babies that came to the world, 7.540 of the males were Yusuf, 6.236 Miraç, 6.222 Eymen; Among the baby girls, 11.179 were named Zeynep, 7.316 were named Elif, and 6.335 were named.

In addition, in 2020 for boys Ömer Asaf, Kerem, Alparslan, Mustafa, Hamza, Ali Asaf and girls; Asel, Azra, Eylül, Nehir, Eslem, Asya were the other most preferred names.


The highest population density in Turkey in the Marmara region in the men's 305.096 XNUMX babies born Omar Asaf, Ayman, Alparslan; For female babies, the names Zeynep, Defne and Asel were preferred.

In the Black Sea Region where the fewest babies are born, Alparslan, Ömer Asaf, Eymen for males among 78.257 babies; Zeynep, Defne and Asel took the first place in baby girls.

Yusuf, Ömer Asaf, Eymen for males among 157.307 babies in the Central Anatolia Region; In baby girls, Zeynep, Elif and Defne were the most popular names.

193.401 babies were born in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. In addition to the common names Yusuf, Miraç, Elif and Zeynep, which are preferred in other regions, the name Muhammed for male babies and Ecrin for female babies were among the most used names.

Among the 112.030 babies born in the Aegean Region, Eymen, Miraç, Kerem in males; Zeynep, Defne and Elif took the first place in baby girls, as in the Central Anatolia Region.

Among 143.877 babies in the Mediterranean Region, Yusuf, Eymen, Mustafa in males; For baby girls, the names Zeynep, Asel and Elif were preferred.

In the Eastern Anatolia Region, the names Yusuf, Miraç, Zeynep and Elif, which are the most used among 100.679 babies, were widely used, along with the names Miran and Azra.


It was observed that 377 of the male babies born in the capital city of Ankara were named Ömer Asaf, 373 were named Eymen, 346 were named Göktuğ, while 683 of the female babies were named Zeynep, 504 were named Defne and 413 were named Asel.

For male babies born in Istanbul, 1203 was Ömer Asaf, 1043 was Eymen, 1022 was Yusuf; 1870 of the female babies were given Zeynep, 1352 of them Defne and 1092 of them Elif.

In İzmir, with 423 for baby girls, Zeynep took the first place in the list as in Ankara and İstanbul. It was followed by Defne with 400 and Elif with 313, followed by Eymen with 293, Ayaz with 234 and Miraç with 232 for male babies.


In 2020, some names were given to only one baby. Among them, Zeynep Göknil, Seyyah Devrim, Açela Nur, Yüsra Çiğdem, Abbas Efe and Alpargu drew attention.

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