Aegean Exporters Unions Exported to 2020 Countries in 216

Aegean Exporters' Associations exported to the country in its year
Aegean Exporters' Associations exported to the country in its year

Aegean Exporters' Associations, reaching 2020 different export markets in 216, will bring 13 billion 4 million dollars foreign exchange to Turkey. kazannagged. EIB, which managed to increase its exports to 103 countries, increased its exports the most to African countries with an increase of 8,5 percent.

Jak Eskinazi, Coordinator President of Aegean Exporters' Unions, said that EİB kept Germany's first place with $ 2020 billion in exports in 1,4, and the United States ranked second with $ 994 million.

“The United Kingdom, where our bilateral commercial relations with the FTA we signed recently, have settled on a new legal basis, is the third market to which we export the most with 2020 million dollars in 825. Italy with $ 736 million, Spain with $ 664 million, the Netherlands with $ 620 million, France with $ 550 million, Russia with $ 365 million, Israel with $ 330 million and China with $ 294 million are among the top 2020 countries to which we export in 10. In December, there was a remarkable increase in our exports by country groups. In December, our exports to the European Union increased by 15 percent, to American countries by 34 percent, to Asian and Oceania countries by 25 percent, to other European countries by 23 percent, to former Eastern Bloc countries by 17 percent and to Free Zones by 38 percent.

Exports to RCEP countries are increasing

Explaining that 2020 is the start of a new era in global trade in every sense, Eskinazi emphasizes the importance of the RCEP agreement signed by 15 Asia-Pacific countries.

“The balance of power and competition in the world is changing day by day. We have to find ways to adapt to developments in order to maintain and grow our current markets. within blocks of the new trade agreement with Turkey's RCEP, what steps to be taken? We must determine our 2021 roadmap as soon as possible. Our exports in December were 61 percent from RCEP countries to Thailand, 71 percent to Laos, 118 percent to Vietnam, 476 percent to Malaysia, 244 percent to Brunei, 57 percent to Singapore, 102 percent to the Philippines and South Korea ' to 73 percent, Japan 48 percent, New Zealand 24 percent. This increasing trend is a sign that our trade with RCEP countries will increase even more in 2021. "

The share of the European continent in exports is 52,6 percent

Jak Eskinazi said, “Even if we want to improve our trade with Asia Pacific countries, our biggest partner in trade will continue to be the EU. Our exports to the EU increased by 15 percent in December, reaching a volume of 520 million dollars. While our exports to 17 EU countries increased in December, the share of the EU in the total exports of EİB was recorded as 41 percent. In 2020, our exports to the EU were 5,8 billion dollars. In 2020, the share of the EU in our exports was 45 percent, and the share of the European continent in our exports was 52,6 percent. In 2020, we managed to increase our exports to 14 EU countries. At the same time, $ 2020 billion to Middle East countries, $ 1,7 billion to American countries, $ 1,3 million to African countries, $ 988 million to other European countries, $ 986 million to Asian countries, $ 941 million to Free Zones in the Middle East in 709. Products worth 240 million dollars and 186 million dollars were sold to the Turkic Republics. " said.

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