Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project is on the Agenda of the Council of Ministers

bursa rapid train project ministerial council gundeminde
bursa rapid train project ministerial council gundeminde

Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project is on the agenda of the Council of Ministers; The Transportation Commission, which was formed by Mehmet Albayrak, the Head of the Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, aims to produce suggestions by keeping the urban transportation under the spotlight.

In the past…

İMO, which is the only institution that protested when the railroad tracks were removed from the Osmangazi Bridge, keeps the railway transportation of Bursa on the agenda today.


At the meeting we attended at the invitation of the Chairman of the İMO Transportation Commission, M. Tözün Bingöl, we listened excitedly to the train discussions and the opinions put forward. We made evaluations with Albayrak and the commission members.

Osmangazi University, Civil Engineering Department, Transportation Department faculty member in Eskişehir, which is accepted as an authority on transportation, especially railway. We got to know Şafak Bilgiç at this meeting.

Since his wife is from Mudanya, Dr. Bilgiç's comments were important.

The presentation prepared by the Chairman of the Transportation Commission, M. Tözün Bingöl and dealing with Bursa's railway project in all details, was also impressive.

The critical point was:

In railway transportation, trains with a speed of more than 250 kilometers per hour are called high-speed, and those below 250 kilometers are called fast. Trains suitable for 200 kilometers are also considered High Standard Railway, which is an improved version of the conventional train line.

We announced from these columns that the Bursa line was taken from the fast train to the High Standard Railway Line with the revision of TCDD's 2019 Investment Ptogram on August 1.


We learned at the İMO Transportation Commission that a new hope has arisen in Ankara for the category change that caused wide disappointment in Bursa.

According to this…

The work of the Ministry of Transport to make the project a high-speed train again came to the agenda of the Council of Ministers. The new tender to be held in line with budget possibilities will be accordingly.

At this point, the Bursa lobby becomes important.

All the dynamics of the city, especially the BTSO as the largest and most influential umbrella organization, should not leave the politicians alone and give heavy support.

As Bursa we need to show that we want high speed train.

Balıkesir went to TCDD for our train

First… We read the news about connecting to Bursa by high speed train in Çanakkale local newspapers. We saw the news in Balıkesir newspapers on Saturday in the local press of Bandırma yesterday.

The following is written:

The AK Party deputies of Balıkesir, Yavuz Subaşı, Adil Çelik, Mustafa Canbey, accompanied by Metropolitan Mayor Yücel Yılmaz and Karesi Mayor Dinçer Orkan visited TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun.

In the news, it is written that the Ankara-Bursa-Bandırma high-speed train will be put into service in 2021.

Dr. Critical proposal from Şafak Bilgiç for high speed train stations and T2 line

Osmangazi University, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Transportation, in Eskişehir. Şafak Bilgiç is one of the names accepted as an authority especially in railway transportation.

With one foot in Bursa, Dr. Dawn has proposed two transportation projects:


Bal Only Balat station for the train is not enough for Bursa. I had my students do research. There should be another station next to the terminal and around Kazıklı for the Yıldırım area. ”


Vakit It's not time to get the T2 tram line underground. It should turn into a light rail system going underground. Y

He also stressed:

Bile Even if it will be above the ground, it should turn into a light rail system and be connected to Bursaray. It is enough to extend the stops. The paving work is also very fast. The concrete floor is not a necessity;

He added:

Tram The tram vehicles purchased for this line are evaluated in other parts of the city and will not be lost. ”

Signboard removed in the tunnel hung instead

On the Ring Road, those who cross Istanbul Street and go to Ankara direction watch and observe the entrance of Demirtaş Tunnel and the works on the viaduct lying in front of it.

At the entrance to the tunnel…

From the first day of the works, there was a High Speed ​​Train sign. However, the sign was removed after the project was excluded from the high-speed train category in the TCDD 2019 Investment Program.

That sign…

On Friday, we saw him hanging again and we were hoping.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - Olay

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