Railroaders meet for 50 Year

railroaders meet for the tenth year
railroaders meet for the tenth year

Graduates of Eskişehir Railways Vocational School 1974-1975; In a Hall of Tülomsaş in Eskişehir, they shared their 'Half-century memories' with each other during their socializing and meeting event.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 1974- 1975 Vocational School graduates, met in the organized dinner events. TCDD Vocational School in the years 1974 -1975 railroaders; At the traditional dinner event, 50 met after years. Veysel Kutlu, who made a statement on behalf of the graduates of TCDD Vocational School gathered in a Hall of Tülomsaş, said, ümüz It is our anniversary coming together for the 50 year we have graduated. As time passed 'half a century'. When we were 12 years old, we started to study at Railway Vocational School. While our peers were riding bikes and playing marbles on the streets, we started working in the factory. Our masters kneaded us here. They made us both professionals. They tried to educate the society as good people as they could. We are part of the Railways family. Today, we are graduates of 1974-1975 Eskişehir Railways Vocational School. We organize this event which we organize every year under the name of fusion and acquaintance dinner traditionally in Eskişehir and we are all very happy to come together in this way. 50 has been a year since its graduation from Eskişehir Railways Vocational School and it has been half a century. Due to the 50 year of our graduation, we organized this event together. We have been among those who passed away, but we are still together. ”

At the end of the activity program; Celal Tunalıer, a graduate of the Railway Vocational School, sang the local songs of Eskişehir. Poet Tahir Taşçı, one of the graduates, read his own poems with Eskişehir. Ceylan Ilıca, who has worked in the Turkish Classical Music Choir in Eskişehir in the past years, sang various songs about Eskişehir at the event. Graduates attending the event; your memories at school, sohbet they shared with each other in the mood. (esgazet to)

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