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Highway Speeded Up High Speed ​​Train Slowed Down: Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu stated that there was no disruption in the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Highway Project works, and even that the works were ahead of the planned, “Both this highway and this ongoing high-speed train project will really change everything in Bursa. will change his perception, ”he said.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Karaloğlu stated that the Bursa-Yenişehir line, the first step of the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Highway Project and the Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli High Speed ​​Train Project, are two very important projects for the city.
After these two projects are completed, Karaloğlu said, "Nothing in Bursa will be the same as before," said Karaloğlu, so he emphasized that it is necessary to see the post-projects from today and prepare the city accordingly.
Reminding that Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) had an impact analysis report made by a foreign firm regarding the Istanbul-Bursa-İzmir Highway Project, Karaloğlu stated that the city should be prepared according to the data obtained in various fields from tourism to agriculture, industry to population density and environment. .
- "Istanbul-Bursa 45 minutes"
Stating that when the highway ends, Istanbul-Yalova will drop to 15 minutes and the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to 45 minutes, Karaloğlu said:
“Istanbul-Bursa 45 minutes. In other words, a person from the Anatolian side of Istanbul will have come to Bursa more easily than crossing to the European side. It is a big market of 15 million people. We always say this; Istanbul is not our competitor or something, we can become a partner in Istanbul. We can be a city benefiting from Istanbul. We must play it. Some say; "We became the backyard of Istanbul." Why should we be a backyard, Istanbul is a great opportunity, a huge market, my distance to that market is now 45 minutes. From 3 hours to 45 minutes. How am I going to use it in favor of the city; we have to discuss this. "
Karaloğlu said, "Both this highway and this ongoing high-speed train project will really change everything of Bursa, change its perception" and said that Bursa, which is among the fastest growing cities in the world, can make a bigger leap after reaching the railway and highway. .
- Disruption in highway full throttle YHT
Karaloğlu, expressing that the highways and high speed train projects continue at full speed, said:
“There are no hitches on the highway, we are even ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, we have a hitch in the high-speed train project. He also has a force majeure. There is a serious landslide zone between Yenişehir and Bilecik, especially at the point where it connects to the line in Bilecik. Istanbul high speed train also has a problem there, you know they could not solve it. The train slows down there. State Railways is now doing a new project there. In other words, they will not be able to connect from Bilecik, they will escape from that landslide area. They will connect either a little bit south or a little north. ”
Yenişehir-Bilecik line will be done again, expressing Karaloğlu, said:
"There was an unnecessary discussion recently, 'Is it allowed to take İnegöl or not?' there is no such thing. The same route will continue from Yenişehir, but the connection point will change. Either a little north or a little south, that is, there is a study at the point of escape from that landslide area. It is currently being projected. Anyway, things are going on rapidly. The excavations of the tunnels that were previously tendered between Yenişehir and Bursa are finished, you can see their viaducts, the work continues here, but this project change will of course delay the completion of the project. But that project will surely end. It is one of the most important projects for Bursa. "
- New project; Bursa-Ankara Highway
Stating that there is a new highway project that will connect Bursa to Ankara, Governor Karaloğlu gave the following information:
“The highway that will come from Sivrihisar to the eastern end of our ring road and connect, pass between Yenişehir and İnegöl and connect to our ring road. His projects are also about to be completed. If the Ministry can find it build-operate-transfer, it wants to come out as build-operate-transfer, if not build-operate-transfer, maybe its tender will be made soon with public resources, and Bursa will then both go to Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. or connected by highway and all of Turkey's fast becoming a center can be reached by train. "

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