TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Visit to the General Manager

btsden tcdd transportation as general mudurune visit
btsden tcdd transportation as general mudurune visit

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Visit to the General Manager; United Transport Workers Union (BTS) Central Executive Board members and Branch Presidents and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Manager Kamuran Yazıcı visited in his office.

Interview; President Hasan Bektaş, General Law TİS and Human Rights Secretary Rıza Ercivan, Ankara Branch President İsmail Özdemir, Istanbul 1 Branch Chair Sadık Short, Adana Branch President Tonguç Özkan and Diyarbakır Branch President Nusret Basmacı participated in the meeting. Good wishes were conveyed due to his duties and problems were encountered in the workplaces and opinions were exchanged for the solution of these problems.

The problems conveyed during the meeting are as follows; ”On October 26, 2019, TCDD A.Ş Upgrade exams were held, and those who took the exam in the following days and succeeded within the quota will be subjected to an interview exam, but as a means of much pressure in making the trade union preference, which has been underestimated at all during the past years. It is very clearly known to be used. This situation not only spoils the peace of the business, but also shadows the selection of qualified personnel. Especially influential in the provinces and even the rumor causes the institution to lose its reputation in public, and it also leads to deterioration of business peace among the personnel who sweat in exams. In order to prevent such apologies and possible speculations in the interview exams, the method applied in the Promotion and Title Change Interview Exam held within the body of the TCDD General Directorate in 2018, ie, the grade obtained in the written exam, can be achieved in the same proportion in the interview exam without exception.

With the law numbered 6461, TTGs working in the institution have been assigned to TCDD General Directorate and TCDD Transport Inc. since 2017 date. We have warned both institutions on the issue that this would create a lot of problems in practice. However, it is known that the problems are experienced more than the predicted process. It would be the right step for all TTGs to be gathered under the General Directorate of TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.

Although the title of machinist is a profession that requires a lot of attention, the structure of this profession is facing serious deterioration with the practices in recent years. We can explain two very important titles as follows; The title of Assistant Machinist, who was previously recruited in the first job, gained a certain experience with the acquisition of the Machinist title after a certain period of time and training, and created a lower-upper hierarchy within the locomotive cabin, thus making the work more disciplined. By removing the title of Assistant Machinist and giving the title of Direct Machinist at the beginning of the job, it has destroyed the previous upbringing process and eliminated the hierarchy in the cabin and caused confusion.

Although the employment of the mechanic profession has been subject to the status of civil servant (of course 657 and 399 KHK), new acquisitions have been made subject to the 10 Labor Law for the last 4857 year. The fact that the personnel working in the same workplace or even in the same locomotive cabin is subject to two different statuses and working hours, wages, compensation, and disciplinary differences have created confusion in terms of business peace and implementation of the work. The removal of this application is essential to make the profession more efficient.
In recent times, there has been a serious lack of merit and irregularities in internal appointments. Appointments were based on trade union membership, without merit and merit. Appointments made by hülle within the last six months should be examined and canceled immediately.

Electronic transfers have not been opened in TCDD for a long time. Although the transfer of excused personnel has been solved to a great extent as a result of mutual negotiations with our union and corporate authorities, it would be more appropriate to do so within the dimensions to be determined by opening to all personnel 2 (two) times a year. Depending on the region; Adana, İskenderun, Gaziantep, Konya There are problems due to the fact that there are no drivers to use the service vehicles used for the arrival and departure of the machinists in the workplaces connected to the Vehicle Maintenance Workshop Directorates.

It is required to participate in 2020 / 2022 promotion meetings as observers in trade unions participating in CBA negotiations.

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