A machinist lost his life

A machinist died in Marmaray: 'In Marmaray, machinists cannot work under 25 thousand volts and 3 base stations and even go to the toilet'
It was reported that the mechanics working in the Marmaray, whose security vulnerabilities were in a hurry, were in a hurry and were working in heavy conditions. Therefore, in November 4 machine mechanic Yusuf Adalı lost his life by having a heart attack. CHP's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the question of the protesters in Marmaray 10'lar minute stop constantly ring, 25 thousand volts high voltage and 3 base station under the task, even if they have difficulty in eliminating the need for toilet, security testing The SUS reports were not disclosed.
CHP Istanbul deputy Umut Oran, Prime Minister Erdogan asked the Parliament to respond to the parliamentary question raised new claims about Marmaray. The following questions are:
It's called a heart attack, but
- Yusuf Adalı, one of the Marmaray machinists, lost his life on November 4, 2013 after his work on the bus at Yedikule at around 23.00:XNUMX. Is it true that the claim that his death was caused by heavy working conditions, although no autopsy was performed by calling a heart attack?
Continuous ring and 10's minute break
- Is it true that the mechanic Yusuf Adalı, who lost his life, started working in Kazlıçeşme at 15.00, like his other colleagues, and continued to work on the Aydınlıkçeşme line until 22.00 at night and that he could take a break for only 10 minutes in each ring? Is it true that the machinists hardly meet their needs even due to the upstairs toilets?
3 base station and 25 thousand volts electric
- The feeling that the Marmaray tube tunnel has 3 GSM and one interlocking transmitter, and that the machinists must constantly work with the 25 volt high voltage line on them, and that this electrical-electronic equipment creates an intense radiation environment, exhaustion and malaise for the machinists. is it true?
Why are TÜV SÜD reports not disclosed?
- Have the radiation values ​​in all stages of Marmaray been measured in terms of personnel and passenger safety to date? Are such measurements made periodically? Radiation made, SAR, etc. What are the results of the measurements, what are the acceptable lower and upper values ​​in this area?
- What are the results of the safety tests conducted by TÜV SÜD?
- The locomotive sets in Marmaray are not serviced at the workshops in Haydarpaşa, which is also close to Aydınlıkçeşme, and it is taken to Sirkeci every morning at 04.30. Doesn't this make the harsh conditions for mechanics more tiring?
- Is the reason for not using maintenance workshops in Haydarpaşa due to your zoning change plan for this region? Are you planning to completely remove TCDD from Haydarpaşa?
Where are the rescue locomotives?
- Kazlıçeşme and why should reside in Aydınlıkçeşme rescue locomotives currently not available brought to Turkey?
- What is the reason for all the flights to be delayed all day yesterday (18 November 2013) in Marmaray and to be turned into a rescue vehicle by connecting empty wagons to some locomotives?
Doesn't the command center see it?
- Does the temporary control center established in Üsküdar work in good health for 10 million Euros in order to determine which unit originates from the button on which door when the emergency button is pressed on the station and wagon? Although these emergency calls are seen at the center in Üsküdar and officers are placed in each car, why are the facts being diverted by saying “they have pulled the knob” in every failure?
- Is Marmaray not stopping at the station in Sirkeci because the construction here still continues from the night when the trips end to the first hours of the morning?
Are the punished mechanics assigned?
- Is it true that the TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman meant by the statement that "They even drove the smart train" in the High Speed ​​Train accident in HasanBey on 13 November 2009 and that the mechanic who was punished for this accident was also assigned to Marmaray?
- Has the machinist been fined for the train accident on September 6, 2011, and this mechanic was also assigned to Marmaray?
Are they members of the same union?
- What are the names of the machinists assigned in Marmaray, what is the name of the union that each of them is a member of?
- Do you plan to pull the hours of the last flights back a little bit so that the airport pilot and stewardesses and airport employees and passengers can also benefit?

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 16:58

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