Will Akçaray Kuruçeşme reach the center?

Will Akcaray Kurucesme reach the center?
Will Akcaray Kurucesme reach the center?

Union of Municipalities of Marmara and Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın visited the tradesmen in the Kuruçeşme center of Izmit and wished fruitful works and hadbihal with the citizens. Mayor Büyükakın, who learned the expectations of the citizens from the Metropolitan Municipality and evaluated the demands on the spot, said, kez We once again met with the warm interest of our citizens, especially the tradesmen of Kuruçeşme. We are working on the needs of this region in order to be worthy of this love and trust. Tı


AK Party Kocaeli Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, Izmit District Chairman Ali Güney and members of the organization Kuruçeşme visits, 7'den 77'ye interested in everyone was a separate love and interest Büyükakın'a President. Mayor Büyükakın listened to the suggestions and demands of citizens and craftsmen with great care, and continued to work on increasing the concentration of traffic at certain hours as well as the elimination of problems experienced in parking. Responding to the citizens who ask about the Kuruçeşme-Plajyolu connection, Büyük Our project work continues ”, Mayor Büyükakın said: South side road and rail over the vehicle bridge will be provided access to the Beach Road area ”said.


Visiting the "Tram will reach the center of Kurucesme?" Dr, Tahir Büyükakın, “The preliminary projects of the Kuruçeşme Tramway extension line have been sent to the General Directorate of Highways and approved. Already, our tram came to the beach and it works. We continue our efforts to make our people happy ”. Mayor Büyükakın, who doesn't break the citizens who want to have a souvenir photo in their partnerships and who gets the appreciation of everyone with his sincere approach, said, buluy We find it very valuable that our people are closely interested in the city agenda and offer us their suggestions against deficiencies. In this way, we determine our road map. We are experiencing the happiness of managing our city together with our people with a common mind ”.



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