Cable Car Resistance of Sapanca Women

ropeway resistance of women with sling
ropeway resistance of women with sling

Cable Car Resistance of Sapanca Women; Starting from the Kırkpınar neighborhood, the ropeway project reaches 1400 meters and reaches the forested area of ​​Mahmudiye İncebel. More than 500 trees will be replaced for the project. Some trees will be cut.

CumhuriyetAccording to Hazal Ocak, ”The residents of Kırkpınar district of Sapanca have been fighting against the cable car project for months. In the area where the cable car's top station is, there will be facilities such as 30 bungalows, country restaurants and country coffee. These facilities will be built by the company and 25 will operate the year. There will be a parking lot at the sub station. In this process, the tents of the inhabitants were thrown in the middle of the street with their own words, and they lost their lives while the trees were being dismantled. Fatma Tıknas, 65, said, üler They killed us that day but we will not die for these trees, my daughter. Do you know how many years these trees grow? Sor

The tender for the ropeway project of Sapanca Municipality was made in August of 2018. The Teleferic Project, which started in Kırkpınar Neighborhood, was acquired by Bursa Teleferik AŞ with 25 year-long build-operate-transfer model. The Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization has excluded the project from the Etki Environmental Impact Assessment ”process.


We are going to the tent set up by the sub-station of the cable car in order to witness the struggle of the inhabitants against the project. Although the Kırkpınar neighborhood is surrounded by luxury villas, the villagers still live in their old houses. When we reach the tent, the women of the neighborhood greet us. The residents of the region hung a poster of the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on one side of the tent. Alt Post Disaster Meeting Place ”sign hangs on the land where the sub-station is built. Part of the land was conditionally donated by the villagers to remain a green space in 1945, but now the trees are being ripped off for the project.

First we start the conversation by asking Fatma Tıknas, 65, about the Atatürk poster. Tıknas said, “Atatürk was a man who valued the land, how many martyrs did Atatürk give for 1 meter land? If we live in peace now, thanks to Atatürk. Those wars were not won by themselves. They won and fought, they started eating. So what are they going to do, cut this forest and leave us without oxygen? Sor

'We can not sleep'

Hamide Ceylan, 78, has been in this village since 17. “This is not a move for us, girl, söz he begins. Ne What did you feel when the trees were being dismantled? Sorun he asked, “I felt like I was coming out. A tree grows only once a year in 20. We are here to the end.. Sabriye Tatan, 64-year-old, is only 12 meters away from the sub-station of the cable car project. Tantan 40 has stated that he has seen this square for years and says beri We cannot sleep at night, we cannot eat since the project started ”. Hüsamettin Koçlu, President of Kırkpınar Environment and Outdoor Sports Club, 57, said, ız Our aim is to protect this greenery. We do not believe that there will be tourism by cable car, ”he says.

Following the tent, we deviate to the forest area by land vehicles in line with the route of the cable car project. Along the way, Sapanca Lake appears as height increases amongst the tall trees. Here we extend the voice recorder to the resident Alper Kesen:

'NOT Innocent'

“The destruction here is not innocent as mentioned. It does not seem real to us that the 508 tree will be removed. It is also said that when the poles of ropeway areas will be planted, only the trees on the legs will be cut. According to the regulation of cable carriers in 2009, the area where cable cars and such cable carriers will pass must be an accessible area. When all these are taken into consideration, it is against the nature of the article to be able to do this without cutting down the trees. ”


Speaking to our newspaper, Sapanca Mayor Özcan Özen gave information about the project. Özen defended the project and said: aya According to the agreement, the company will have the right to use 25 for a year. In addition, Sapanca Municipality at least a thousand pounds a year, even if the company will pay 800 money. 25 will remain in the company for years. 25 to be operated for years. 25 will deliver the area to us after years. The fact that the cable car was built for Sapancam is very good for tourism. Etkin Özen stated that the 508 tree will be removed from the promenade and planted elsewhere in the forest. When we asked about the number of trees to be cut for the ropeway feet, Özen replied, ağaç The tree will be cut only for 2 feet, which is very small ”. It was recorded that the 14 tree would be cut for the cable car legs.


75-year-old Hidayet Ceylan is also born in Kırkpınarlı. He reiterated that they did not want the cable car project. I was ripped inside while the trees were ripped. I got sick, I took medicine, I came. We're sorry. Now the 3 tree was dismantled. What happens tomorrow when the others are dismantled? As for us, we can't go up the mountain and cut a bush in the woods. If we cut a bush to make a shrub broom, they catch us ”.


Salim Aydin, Sakarya Provincial Representative of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers on behalf of TMMOB components, also announced the technical report they prepared for the project. Aydın said, “Our intention to leave our lands taken over from our ancestors with a longing for a more beautiful Kırkpınar and Mahmudiye for our children is being tried to defeat the rent cooperation of Sapanca Municipality and Bursa Teleferik AŞ. The project does not have an EIA report (positive / negative). While this is the case, issuing construction permits and starting construction is a crime under the law. In the first stage, approximately 400 thousand black pine, scotch pine, beech, chestnut and hornbeam species will be cut in the area where 'only cable car line' is calculated as thousand 5 meters. The accommodation, touristic facilities, command centers and this massacre can reach up to a thousand 20. In the following years, as in other parts of Sapanca, the area will be opened to reconstruction and the concrete will increase one more time.

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