Salary Revolt of Subcontractor Employees in TÜVASAŞ

salary rebellion of subcontractor workers
salary rebellion of subcontractor workers

Salary Revolt of Subcontractor Employees in TÜVASAŞ; TÜVASAŞ's subcontractor employees stated that their salaries were reduced by the decision of the institution and called on the authorities to "Give back our rights"

subcontractor technicians and engineers working in Turkey Wagon Industry Co., sakaryayenihab isHe submitted his complaints about the salary problem.

In the statement made on behalf of the workers, it was stated that the salaries of the technicians working in the agency's subcontractor staff were reduced from 40% to "30% more than the minimum wage", and this rate was reduced to 100% when the salaries of engineers were "60% more than the minimum wage".

Stating that the arrangement was in contradiction with the principle of "Failure to reclaim the given right", subcontracted employees called on the authorities to give their rights back.

Whatsapp hotline is sent to Yenihab description as follows: "Turkey Wagon Industry Co. As engineers and field personnel affiliated with TÜVASAŞ Maintenance Directorate, we are subcontractor personnel working for 8 years in TÜVASAŞ through service procurement. With the decision of the Board of Directors of TÜVASAŞ, our wages were reduced from 40% more than minimum wage to 30% more than minimum wage for qualified personnel (technician / technician) and to 100% more than minimum wage for engineer personnel. Our working wage, which has been granted for 60 years depending on the minimum wage, is reduced in the tender for the 8th year. In the new arrangement, while the wages of some subcontractor personnel are increased, our salaries are reduced. It is evident that the regulation made is contrary to the principle that the given right cannot be revoked. We want our right back. Although our union (Railroad-work) made the necessary applications, we could not get a result. ”

No explanation has been made from TÜVASAŞ and the authorized union Demiryol İş Union.

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