New Success Stories Will Be Written in Economy with National Technology Move

united transport workers union
united transport workers union

New Success Stories in Economy will be Written with National Technology Move; Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), Technology-Oriented Industry Move Machinery Sector Call for Proposals Bursa Hosted the Meeting. Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacar, stating that they give priority to increase added value in areas of high rates of nativism, "My mind is expanding in Turkey, intellectual property rights, our priority is jobs that occur in Turkey. Turkey has signed a national technology moves, new success stories are written in a period of economic life we ​​will always spend together. "He said.

Machinery sector representatives showed great interest in the introductory meeting held in the Room Service Building. Speaking at the opening of the program BCCI Vice Chairman Cuneyt Sener, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, reflecting the Industry and Technology vision of the Ministry 'National Technology Hamlesi in ensuring Turkey's economic and technological independence said that a strategic approach. "Turkey's industrial capital, the power of our country as Bursa business representatives and we believe in the future." Said Sener, "Move and enthusiastically shared belief that we are trying our power to target our country. Our machinery sector is of strategic importance both in the transition of our scholarship to the new industrial revolution and in our country's development. The determination of our machine sector as a pilot application will enable our country to reach a much higher level of prosperity with its domestic capabilities and capabilities. ”


Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, made a presentation about the technology-oriented industry move and the works carried out by the Ministry. Kacır said that in the coming period, they will continue to take steps to become a country that produces high added value in strategic studies with the transformation of the manufacturing industry. Ile With the National Technology Move, we aim to produce the products that carry strategic value locally and nationally. ”


High-value-added production targets, taking into account Turkey's move that ability as a country, emphasizing that they receive the focus of specific sectors Kacar, "machinery, electronic medical devices, pharmaceuticals, transport equipment and chemicals sectors will be a focal sector for the period ahead. We approach our sectors with an innovative perspective. The transformation of R & D into investment and production is one of the priorities of this period. Turkey, together with our new success stories in the economy will write our industrialists and tech entrepreneurs. "He said.

“We are open to the views of the business world“

Turkey's exports to grow on a global scale with highlight Kacar, "This program comes to life with the first pilot in the machinery sector. There are several reasons for this. The machinery sector is a sector where medium-high and high technologies are concentrated. Second, the industry has a strong background in Turkey. We are open to all opinions of the business community about the program. Kul


Stating that the application process of the Technology-Oriented Industry Movement program is continuing, Kacır said, yatırım The investments for the products we have identified in the priority product lists will have the opportunity to benefit from project-based incentives known as 'Super Incentives' which are strategic investment incentives. While strategic investment incentives are currently being given to investments of 50 million TL and above, the lower limit of strategic investment incentives for the products included in the priority product list under this program will be applied as 10 million TL. While 500 million TL and more investments can benefit from project-based incentives, 50 million TL will be the limit for benefiting from project-based incentives for the products included in the priority product list under this program. Therefore, while supporting R & D processes, we will also provide effective supports to investment processes. We have extended the pre-application date to 6 December 2019 as a result of incoming requests. ”


Ministry as the main indicator of the domestic value-added stating that Kacar, continued his words as follows: "The mind is developed in Turkey, intellectual property rights, our priority is jobs that occur in Turkey. We believe that we will get results from this program. We have a very strong industrial infrastructure. This infrastructure is doing great things right now. We will achieve the leap together in the coming period. God willing, Turkey has signed a national technology moves, a new era of success stories is written in the economy is always going to implement in an effort together with heart and soul. "

After the speeches Deputy Minister Kacir, answered questions from sector representatives. At the end of the program, BTSO Vice President Cüneyt Şener presented the report on the demands and expectations of BTSO members to Deputy Minister Kacır.

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