Babadag Teleferik will enchant Paragliding Jumps

babadag ropeway yamac parasutu will stimulate the jump
babadag ropeway yamac parasutu will stimulate the jump

Babadağ'ın parachute jumps this year broke the record of his own record, FTSO President Osman Çıralı Oludeniz Weather Games Festival in Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatci thanked to. The completion of the ropeway project with the jump will increase even more Çıralı Belcekız Beach is a landing area of ​​Fethiye Power Union due to be given to the right, he said.

Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board and Fethiye Power Union Managers Board Chairman Osman Cirali Babadag made a press release about the number of parachute jump. Noting that the number of jumps exceeds 154 thousand, Çıralı said that they expect the number of flights to reach 170 by the end of the year. Babadağ 's brand value is increasing day by day with the record of Çıralı marka Babadağ'dan; In 2015 121.585 2016 was the 95.857 paragliding jump to 2017 in 117.200. 154 has already exceeded this number this year. Babadağ is a rising value for our region and our country every day. Together with the ropeway project, the brand value of both Babadağ and our country as well as our country will increase. After Babadag Oludeniz in Turkey will be the second international promotion promotional face. With the completion of the ropeway project, the number of jumps will be doubled at least. This means that in the future the runways and landing at Belcekiz Beach are not enough. In order to take this action, our investor opened new tracks on 1800 and 1900 tracks. However, in order to solve the landing point problem, we demand that the operation right of Belcekiz Beach be given to the Fethiye Power Union, a subsidiary of our Chamber. Belcekız beach is not only a beach, but also a field used for sporting activities needs a public understanding of business benefits, Bel he said.

The festival added value to our region

Osman Çıralı's press release thanked Fethiye Mayor Behçet Saatcı for the 19th International Fethiye Ölüdeniz Air Games Festival. The Çıralı Festival brings mobility and diversity to the region. kazanhe said he hung up. Noting that it is pleasing to see an increase in the number of countries and athletes participating in the festival this year, Çıralı said, “The 19th Air Games Festival was held this year. I would like to thank Fethiye Municipality and our Mayor, Mr. Behçet Saatcı. It was a very good organization. It was a festival that added value to the uniqueness of Ölüdeniz and Babadağ. In addition, the activities held within the scope of the Festival were not limited to Ölüdeniz, and the performances at the Şehit Fethi Bey Park in Çalış in Beşkaza Square ensured that the spirit of the Festival spread throughout the city. In addition to paragliding shows at the festival; The aerobatic sail wing microlight powered paragliding model airplane and balloon shows were like a rehearsal for the 2020 World Air Games. In the 2020 World Air Games, we will first organize a beautiful organization with the support of our Municipality. The way to a successful conclusion of a business is when all stakeholders come together sincerely and show their devotion. This Festival has been organized by our municipality for years in our district. It gets better results every year. We would like to thank Fethiye Municipality, our Mayor, Mr. Behçet Saatcı, who carried out all the processes of this work, the Turkish Aeronautical Association and other institutions and organizations that contributed to it once again.

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