TÜVASAŞ Continuous Employee Recruitment Lot Results Announced

tuvasas continuous worker recruitment results are announced
tuvasas continuous worker recruitment results are announced

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. 16 by the General Directorate in July 2019'da 26 after the announcement of the permanent employee was shared. TÜVASAŞ recruitment of lots was done in the presence of a notary public.


Turkey Wagon Industry to (TÜVASAŞ) will be set up with 26 4 thousand people were admitted to person. Thousands of 755 people whose applications were found to be eligible were taken to draw. The 120 person has the chance to interview the noble 224 person.

In the drawing, the names of the 8 person to be interviewed for the 4 to be taken to the biker section, 3 to the electrical section, 6 to the electronics section, 3 to the rail systems section, 2 to the carpentry department and 120 to the painter metal section were identified. The 224 person, who was mentioned as the priority of the applicants, did not draw lots. (Priority persons are legally priority persons. Disaster victims, those who receive anti-terrorism appreciation certificates, victims of privatization, persons who have been determined under the Mining Law have the right to have priority.

In the following process, all documents will be checked and any missing ones will be completed from the backups. Then the interview date will be determined. Likewise, an interview will be held in front of the camera and the average 5 will be asked.

For the documents requested from the primary candidates and the applicants who apply primarily Click here

You can reach the list of the people who are entitled to interview in TÜVASAŞ from the links below.

Electrical Technician for Lottery Result Click here

Electrical Technician Priority List for Applicants Click here

Electronic Technician for Lot Result Click here

List of Applicants Prior to Electronic Technician Click here

Boyacı - Profession for Metal Profession Click here

Boyacı - List of Prospective Applicants for Metal Profession Click here

Carpenter Profession For Lottery Result Click here

For the list of candidates who apply as a carpenter Click here

Engine Testing Technician for Lot Result Click here

Motor Test Technician Priority List for Applicants Click here

Rail Systems Mechatronics Technician for Draw Result Click here

Current Auctions

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    January 29 @ 08: 00 - January 31 @ 17: 00
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    January 30 @ 10: 30 - 11:30

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