Is Haydarpasa Lands On The Road To Sales?

haydarpasa land is on the way to sales
haydarpasa land is on the way to sales

Sözcü Çiğdem Toker, the author of today's article, "Haydarpaşa land is on the way to sales?" raised the question.

Tokar, which shows signs of transfer plan to capital close to power for Haydarpaşa Train Station lands, said the 5 Conservation Board decided that there were no problems in demolishing the remaining six parcels within the boundaries of the Haydarpaşa Railway Station and its Urban History SIT area.

The relevant section of Toker's article, entitled “Fire an (23 August 2019), is as follows:

After the Ankara Train Station lands, signs of the transfer to the capital close to the power of the Haydarpaşa Train Station lands appeared. Kadıköy The newspaper signed by Erhan Demirtaş yesterday is proof that the ruling ambition of power will continue without listening to the historical fabric.

TCDD 1. Upon the request of the Regional Property Service Directorate, the transfer of some immovable properties owned by TCDD within the borders of İbrahimağa Neighborhood to the Ministry of Culture was accepted.

Protection Board No. 5, 240 island 16 parcels of some buildings and open areas as the "Youth Art Activity Area" has been used as a permission, Haydarpasa Station and Urban History of the site of the six sites in the demolition of the site has decided that the demolition. Some of the housing units in this area were urgently requested to be evacuated. Tugay Kartal from Haydarpaşa Solidarity says that the immovables in question may be transferred to private companies in the future.

Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch President Esin Köymen "Developments Haydarpaşa Railway Station and the environment is privatized, the station function can be removed," he said.

I wish we were wrong.

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