The Prosecutor Asks TCDD for the Existence of the System Called "It is not necessary"

the prosecutor asked the tcddye about the existence of the so-called system
the prosecutor asked the tcddye about the existence of the so-called system

Ankara Public Prosecutor Oğuz Ejder Özdemir, who is conducting an investigation into the high-speed train accident where the 9 died, was in pursuit of the signaling system that the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan called sor not a must sor.

CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Alican Uludağ from "Prosecutor Özdemir, who sent a letter to the General Directorate of TCDD with an "urgent" warning on the day the Minister made a statement, with Ankara YHT Station. kazanHe asked if there was a signaling system between the Marşandiz Station where the incident took place. The prosecutor also asked for an answer to the question, "Does the absence of this system have a direct effect on the routing of trains?"

13 December 2018 YHT in Ankara-Konya route, Hat 1'den moving from the direction of the 2'ye changed to Hat 06.36 's Marşandiz Station from the opposite direction by the guide locomotive clashed with the clock 14'de. The Ankara Public Prosecutor Özdemir, who initiated an investigation on the accident on charges of 'causing death by indemnification olmaz, sent a single-page article to the TCDD in December on the day when the Minister of Transport Cahit Turhan said' The signaling system is not a must Kaz. In order to answer all the issues in a sorul complete şu, TCDD asked the following questions:

- Is there a signaling system in the train line between Ankara YHT Gar and the stop where the incident occurred?

- If the navigation system is not used, how is the routing of the trains on the lines?

- Does this system have a direct effect on the direction of trains? How will the system operate if this system is installed? What is the opening date of YHT Ankara-Konya line? How is routing done since it was opened?

The organization wanted the scheme

In the lines of the train and navigation of the train and the responsible unit in charge of asking the prosecutor's office, the authorities of this unit to draw the organization diagram, the tasks of the tasks they were asked to be reported separately to the Chief Prosecutor's Office. During the scissor changing process performed by the controller, the dispatcher and the caretaker, it was asked whether the guidance on the train lines could be asked by the YHT and the guide locomotive mechanics and asked whether there was a circular notified to the machinists. Finally, while asking whether the TCDD had initiated an administrative investigation about the incident, the names of the investigators were asked.

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