Eskişehir Misses Fast Train Production

Eskisehir is out of hand with the rapid train production
Eskisehir is out of hand with the rapid train production

The BMC production and technology base, which President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan laid the groundwork in Sakarya yesterday, may mean "bad news" in the name of Eskişehir. The first phase of the plant is planned to be operational in 2020. In the production plan of the facility, there is a BMC high speed train and metro factory, and this facility will be used in high speed train production.
strengthens their claims.

TÜLOMSAŞ was going to participate in the tender planned for April last year by employing 50 new engineers for the national high speed train project. However, the tender was canceled and was subject to news that TÜLOMSAŞ was disabled in the domestic and national HST production project.

The BMC facility, which President Erdogan has laid the foundation, now includes the high-speed train production factory, showing that there is no chance for Eskişehir and TÜLOMSAŞ in the production of national YHT.

10 will employ more than a thousand people
The BMC factory, the foundation of which was laid by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sakarya, will create employment for 10 people and contribute 5 billion dollars annually to the national economy. The first phase of operation is 222 in the BMC production and technology base, which will be built on a 500 hectare area in Karasu district of Sakarya and will reach a total indoor area of ​​2020 thousand square meters in phases.

5 billion dollars annually added value
When the production and technology base is completed, around 10 will provide an employment of a thousand people and will produce annually added value of 5 billion dollars to the country's economy. BMC tank factory, BMC armored vehicle and military truck factory, BMC commercial vehicle factory, BMC engine factory, BMC high-speed train and metro factory are planned to be constructed in phases. The total investment size is expected to exceed 500 million dollars. The first phase, where the plant is laid today, covers an area of ​​approximately 100 thousand square meters and is planned to be completed by the end of the 2019 year and start operations at the beginning of 2020. (the Anadolugazete)

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