Intercity Railways

Level crossing accident 1 dead

At level crossing accident in Eşme 1 dead: The young driver who was injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the passenger train hitting the car at the level crossing was not saved in Eşme district of Uşak. Information acquired [more…]

34 Istanbul

Description of the Failure of the TCDD

Description of the Failure in Marmaray from TCDD: The General Directorate of State Railways made a written statement about the fault in Marmaray. By the General Directorate of State Railways Management with the malfunction in Marmaray [more…]

34 Istanbul

Graffiti on silos after trains

Graffiti on the silos after the trains: After the trains that have been in the idle historical Haydarpaşa Station for 3 years, the graffitists are now based on the Soil Material Office (TMO) silos. TCDD Haydarpaşa [more…]