13 Thousand Kilometers Railway has great interest in foreign

Foreign interest in the 13 thousand Kilometers Railroad is great: Within the scope of the “National Train Project”, approximately 1500 projects are carried out simultaneously for the new railways to be built, especially the railway renovation and logistics center construction works.
2023 is planning to be completed by 13 until the construction of a thousand kilometers of railway network, foreign companies are also competing to get a share. “Eurasia Rail - 5. 25, which wants to introduce its products to the International Railway Fair, is participating 121 foreign companies from the country. Germany, France, Russia, Spain and Iran will be at the ministerial level.
X Eurasia Rail: 3: is the world's largest 5 rail fair. Türkel Fair is organizing International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair.
Turkel Chairman Korhan Yazgan, 05 to 07 March 2015, about the fair which will be held in Yesilkoy Istanbul Expo Center "National Train Project within the Ankara-Istanbul include a new direct-speed rail line made the plans of foreign companies look to Turkey ' turned to. However, this is not the only project. It is aimed to build a total of 3 thousand kilometers of railways, including 500 thousand 8 kilometers of high-speed rail, 500 thousand 13 kilometers of high-speed rail, and a thousand kilometers of conventional railway. Thus, it is expected that a total rail length of 2023 thousand kilometers will be reached in 25 and thus, the share of rail transport will be increased to 10 percent and 15 percent per passenger. All these things to be done caused a great interest in the fair we organized. Last year, 23 countries participated in the fair, this year from 25 countries. Intense demand came from companies from Germany, France and Spain, which take part in the technological race in this field. Besides these countries, they will participate at the ministerial level, including Iran. This increases the size of their interest in the railway project in Turkey reveals "he said.
El Eurasia Rail: 2011. International Rail, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair ül Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, TCDD, Tüvasaş, Tüdemsaş and Tülomsaş, KOSGEB, TOBB. The fair, which hosts prominent names in the public and private sectors through conferences and seminar programs, has the ability to gather major companies and institutions in a single platform in Istanbul.
This year, 25 121 foreigners from the country 113 234 XNUMX company that joined the stating that the firm Korhan Yazgan, said: eden The liberalization process of the railway sector has been completed. It is planned to create national standards, to transform the infrastructure and management of the safety management system into a culture and to produce all kinds of railway vehicles in our country. All of this increases interest in the fair Tüm



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