Freight Wagon Brake System will be produced in Turkey

wagon brake system will be produced in Turkey
wagon brake system will be produced in Turkey

Target% 100 localization project in the freight car, the production of the brake system and many business relations with many countries around the world Knorr Bremse company managers in the plant in Sivas TÜDEMSAŞ compact braking system came together for the domestic production.

Under the leadership of TÜDEMSAŞ, the studies on the localization of 100 in freight wagon production continue uninterruptedly. Which is one of the most important and production of brake systems from components that require technology Wagon, work began to be produced in Turkey.

TÜDEMSAŞ came together with companies that produce technology on rail systems and railway machinery, which started work on the localization of brake systems that do not require production in our country. The brake system is engaged in the production and trade relations with many countries worldwide with Knorr Bremse companies also participated in the meeting of the top executives of talks was held on Brake System to be produced in Turkey. TUDEMSAS General Manager Mehmet Basoglu and the top management of the company, Knorr Bremse firm Peter Karius and Dr. Elstorpff, Mazlum Motor, Battle Mazlum, Famec firm Fatih Akgöz, Fre-Sis Hakan Yilmaz and Murathan Tekin attended. During the meeting, opinions were expressed on the cooperation of CFCB Compact Brake System production in our country. Company representatives then received information about the wagons produced by visiting the production sites of TÜDEMSAŞ and the production plan of the company.

Although TÜDEMSAŞ manufactures all of the body / chassis parts of freight wagons with domestic facilities, it has to supply parts such as wheels and brakes that do not have domestic production from abroad. Behind the production in our country Wagons Wheels parts of the sector with its start mass production of Kardemir initiative in upon production in Turkey also this need local capabilities to meet was olacak.yerl production without brake parts for freight wagons will have reached 100% indigenization targets. (Hakan Bakar - bizimsivas)

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