Mediterranean Sea to be Connected by High-Speed ​​Train

mediterranean sea to be connected by speed train
mediterranean sea to be connected by speed train

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, made investigations on the investments of the ministry in Antalya made explanations.

Antalya's growing, Turhan emphasized that receive the growing share of Turkey, on the road in conjunction with the neighboring provinces around Antalya, echoed the work they do, the Mediterranean coastal road in Mersin, Fethiye-Mugla direction of the divided highway, Antalya connecting inland Anatolia he said that they are doing improvement work on the routes and said:

Uz With the increasing number of tourists in Antalya and the associated traffic, we serve tourism by alleviating the additional burden on our roads, making transportation more convenient, comfortable, economical and short-term. We are doing important works to improve our roads and ports that connect the agricultural products grown in the region to other regions of our country and abroad. A significant portion of them have been completed. Bunlar

Providing information on maritime, airline and railway investments, Turhan said, 'The amount of investments we made in Antalya has reached 11 billion pounds. One billion of this was made by build-operate-transfer method. Antalya Airport, Gazipaşa Airport terminals were commissioned with build-operate-transfer model. We are planning to connect Antalya with high-speed and high-speed trains in the near future. Our project work continues. We will start them in the future by taking them into investment program. Yapım

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