Logistics Village is Established in Kemalpaşa

kemalpasada logistics is being established dark
kemalpasada logistics is being established dark

Turkey's first example of a logistics village, being the introduction of Izmir Gulab Logistics Center project, Spiller Logistics Cluster was held by the Council of Entrepreneurs.

At the meeting held at Izmir Customs Consultants Association, Ege Global Logistics Investments President Fevzi Akay, Inovasite Building Cooperative Chairman Bülent Akşakar and Izmir Customs Consultants Association Chairman Taşkın Dalay gave information about the processes.

Fevzi Akay, in his speech to the logistic sector representatives, said they are working to establish a structure that will meet the needs of the country and the sector, equipped, modern and accelerate the sector.

Reminding that they established Ege Global Lojistik Yatırımları A.Ş with the cooperation of leading logistics companies for İzmir Kemalpaşa Logistics Center project, Fevzi Akay stated that they worked in coordination with all the necessary ministries and directorates in Ankara; He stated that İzmir Governorship and İzmir Chamber of Commerce also made valuable contributions.

Fevzi Akay said: “Many elements such as customs, industrial organizations, logistics companies, warehouse areas, casting and steel industry will work together in this campus, which we plan to serve under the name of Kemalpasada, Spil Specialization Logistics Clustering Center. We will coordinate business lines in different disciplines by bringing the public and private sectors together. In the structure we will create, we want to establish a center that will embrace all sector stakeholders and respond to their needs. This project, which will make great contributions to the economy in terms of the country and the sector and will pave the way for the logistics sector, is being completed with firm steps. I would like to thank everyone who supported.

İzmir Customs Brokers Association Chairman of the Board Dalai Flood, Spiller Specialized Logistics Cluster Center in Izmir and brought a sample project that should be expressed in terms of employment, added value that carries great potential for Turkey.

. As Customs Brokers, we are a bridge between the stakeholders of the logistics sector. The logistics center project will add value to Izmir and will increase the export of the city along with its production and coordination. Our aim is to create an economic value and create a structure that will meet the needs of the logistics sector. For this, we will include business lines that include different fields of expertise in the project. Bun

Speaking at the meeting, President of the Board of Directors of İnovasite Building Cooperative Bülent Akşakar, small and medium-sized industrial sites artisans will take part in the project, he said.

Including the importance of the logistics village project will sign important services Akşakar, the project will open the way for the logistics sector, he added.


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