34 Istanbul

Ground Investigation in Istanbul Channel

The final stage has been reached for the tender of the Kanal Istanbul project, which is also included in the 100-day execution program of President Tayyip Erdoğan. According to the news of Eray GÖRGÜLÜ from Hürriyet, about the Project [more…]


The Realization with 3th Airport

Journalist and Sözcü writer Çiğdem Toker wrote that the metro will not catch up at the 3rd Airport, which made its name known with the slaughter of workers and scandals. Toker, in his article entitled "Metro-free airport in the Court of Accounts report", "Bayburt [more…]


Train in Manisa

In Manisa, Hatice Çakmak died under the train at the level crossing. The headman, Alak, who could not hold his tears, called out to President Erdogan saying “The train route should move out of the city” and Manisa's Yunusemre [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara's Population Rising

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Tuna said, “The population is increasing. Transport needs to be planned already and new roads and rail systems must be expanded. '' Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa [more…]