metro istanbula two odul multiple
34 Istanbul

Two awards to Metro Istanbul!

Metro Istanbul won the N Digital Transformation of the Year Award X and the 1 Award in the Dönüşüm Quality Transformation Business Transformation ”category. 2017 As of January, 2 is an integrated asset [more…]

burulas love didn't leave their visitors from home alone
16 Bursa

BURULAŞ, Sevgi did not leave their home alone

Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, the General Manager of BURULAŞ, who provides the little children from the Love Houses to have a fun time, took care of the little ones one by one. Children experienced the happiness of having an unforgettable day in BURULAŞ business center. Burulaş [more…]

Istanbul airport destination leadership
34 Istanbul

Target Leadership at Istanbul Airport!

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that one third of the world's population will be connected to Istanbul directly through Istanbul Airport and can reach all parts of the world by using this airport. in several years [more…]

osmanlidan gunumuze railway video
39 Kırklareli

Railways from Ottoman to Present

Despite the economic difficulties of the successive wars, the Ottoman Empire gave importance to railway projects. Projects such as Marmaray were even pronounced for the first time in this period. Continued in the early years of the Republic [more…]