Minibus Stops New Onsite

The platforms constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality for the minibus stops near the National Sovereignty Street Station Square have been completed. Pistil said, “We prevented traffic congestion by enabling the turns to be made at one time. Collective [more…]


Channel First Step in Istanbul

The fifth meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly meetings took place in the building of the IMM's Saraçhane. In the parliament, the commission report on the protocol of cooperation to be signed in order to plan a new city area to be established in the vicinity of Kanal Istanbul was discussed. [more…]

flooded airport terminal

3. Airport Terminal Flooded

There are still important shortcomings in the third airport in Istanbul, which will be opened two weeks later. A video published by the Construction-Business Union revealed that the roof of the airport terminal leaked water from many points during the rains. [more…]