Narlıdere Köprülü Intersection

Mayor Nihat Ciftci, Narlidere Viaduct and Köprülü Junction made investigations. President Ciftci, recently through social media and media organs' intersection between the column decks have gaps. Intersection is incorrect ' [more…]

fast train must go through

Fast Train Why Should I Pass From Düzce?

Duzce University Faculty of Technology Dean of the Department of Construction Dr. The press launch of the workshop to be held for the project of withdrawing the High Speed ​​Train formed by Ayhan Şamandar to Düzce-Bolu route is in Düzce Chamber of Commerce and Industry. [more…]

Which metro line will be urgent in Istanbul

Which Metro Line Will Be Opened in Istanbul?

Turkey's first driverless second stage of the Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe part of the launch of the metro service. With this line, the length of the rail system in Istanbul has reached 170 kilometers. In 2022 in Istanbul, the length of the rail system will find 455.7 kilometers. Here, [more…]

Gaziray ends at 2019
Commuter Trains

Gaziray Ends in 2019

Gaziray will provide suburban service to Gaziantep in the comfort of metro. 100 thousand pounds a day to move the 1.1 billion pounds Gaziray project is planned to move some stations came to the end stage. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality's city [more…]

manisada passenger transport inspections

Passenger Transport Controls in Manisa

The Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, which continues its inspection works in order to increase the satisfaction of the citizens to the maximum levels, controls the vehicles that provide public transportation service and the vehicles that make intercity passenger transportation from the control. [more…]