60 Countries in Europe and Asia Will Be Connected With Each Other By Rail

to be interconnected by 60 national railway in Europe and Asia
to be interconnected by 60 national railway in Europe and Asia

The historic Silk Road is being re-established, 21. The caravanserais of the 20th century are being established. The caravan roads are replaced by railways and infrastructure investments linking these roads.

The "Belt and Road Project" launched by China in 2013 aims to increase cooperation between transportation, trade, tourism and infrastructure investments among 103 countries.

which is one of the key countries in Turkey's geopolitical position due to the project, yet venture began picking fruit despite being five years old.

TRT reporter Ali Artmaz and cameraman Sefa Bakış, Kuşak Yol Initiative evaluated with significant names.

China 1 is the world's second largest economy with a million inhabitants of billion 300.

While the economy and population are growing, the need for energy and food is increasing day by day. The solution to meet this need is the Generation and Road Project.

The first step of the project was taken with the visit of Chinese President Chi Cinping to Kazakhstan in 2013.

The Belt and Road Project is a modernized version of the historic Silk Road.

The caravan roads are replaced by extensive infrastructure investments linking railways and these roads.

When the project is still in its infancy, the 71 will reach half the world's population.

The Chinese government has prepared huge budgets.

Turkey has a key role in financing the project with a 2,6 percent share of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank's founding partners.

Turkey Where in the project?

The first step was taken when President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Belt and Road Project Meeting in Beijing in 2017.

Turkey will become the backbone of the project on transportation. China also sees Turkey as one of the key points of the project.

Railway lines also take an important place in the project. The rail system on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge in Istanbul will provide an uninterrupted train journey from China to Europe with Marmaray.

Belt and Road Project, increasing financial investment from China to Turkey.

Source: TRT Haber



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