Demirtaş Logistics base should have been in Bagpalı instead of Kemalpaşa

Demirtaş Logistics base should have been Torbalı instead of Kemalpaşa: İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO) President Ekrem Demirtaş, who attended the sector meeting organized by Torbalı Chamber of Commerce (TTO), stated that İzmir's logistics base should be Torbalı instead of Kemalpaşa. Demirtaş said, “Torbali is much more advantageous than Kemalpaşa in terms of air, rail and roads. Kemalpaşa does not have a connection to the port. The logistics center should have been built in Torbalı. Kemalpaşa's place is like holding the ear backwards. ” said.

In addition to Demirtaş, President of Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen Halil Gülcü, President of TTO Assembly Erkan Aksoy, President of Chamber of Agriculture Yılmaz Girgin, Head of Chamber of Drivers Civa İsmail Akman, President of TTO Behçet Çınar, Director of SGK District Director Kadriye Ay and Director of Dokuz Eylül University Professor Dr. Sacit Ozer attended. Speaking at the opening, TTO President Abdülvahap Olgun thanked the heads of the economy chambers for attending the meeting.


Stating that the biggest problem in Torbalı is the factories established on agricultural lands, Ekrem Demritaş noted that these factories also have infrastructure and environmental problems. Stating that large organized industrial zones should be established in Torbalı, Demirtaş said, “OIZ with 40 factories is not enough, new OIZ is needed. Land can be grown in the area where Fetrek Stream is located. In addition, a place can be produced in the district as an industrial zone. There is tremendous incentive in this area. Torbali is the center of marble production. There are many marble factories in the district. We have been looking for years to establish marble OSB in Torbalı. There are places on Kemalpasa road, work should be done on this subject as well. ” said.


Referring to Torbalı's troubles, Demirtaş noted that it is essential to establish a treatment plant in the district where industrial wastes will be discharged. He said that the Torbalı toll booths on the İzmir-Aydın highway should be quickly taken between Özbey and Yeniköy neighborhoods. Also mentioning the importance of opening a side road from the highway in the Pancar region, Demirtaş said, “Torbalı is a strategic region in terms of its location. It is gratifying that there is no slum despite the immigration. Mobility will increase even more with İZBAN. We anticipate the population of Torbalı in 2030 as 500 thousand. Therefore, the municipality needs to plan according to the population of 500 thousand. Torbalı may also be a brand in the field of education. There are high quality schools. ” spoke in the form. Emphasizing that the industrial base Torbalı has fertile soil, İZTO President Demirtaş stated that 27,7% of vegetables in İzmir, 9,8% of field crops, 7% of fruit and 29% of grapes are produced in the district. . Emphasizing that Torbalı alone meets 90 percent of tobacco exports, Demirtaş congratulated the businessmen in the district. Stating that they often meet with the chamber presidents, Demirtaş said, “Our Chamber President Abdülvahap Olgun is our brother, who is trying the most for the solution of the problems in our meetings. He is struggling to solve the problems of Torbalı. If there are 10 agenda items in our meetings, five or six of them are brought by TTO President Olgun. ” said.



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