rail to provide huge contribution to trade in samsunda
Intercity Railways

Railway Will Contribute Greatly to Trade in Samsun

The Samsun-Sivas railway line, which Atatürk initiated on September 21, 1924 by hitting the first excavation, will be opened for transportation at the end of this year after 3 years of renovation work. The railway, whose speed and carrying capacity will increase, will make a great contribution to trade in Samsun [more…]

trabzon's railway project
Intercity Railways

They Discussed Trabzon's Railway Project

Trabzon MMO President Şaban Bülbül and board members visited AK Party Trabzon Deputy Salih Cora in Ankara. Ü Mr. Bülbül contributed to the political institutions by bringing up many investments concerning the interests of our city and contributed to the power of civil society. [more…]

tcdd railway map

TCDD Railway Map

TCDD Railway Map: TCDD is in an ongoing effort both to renew existing lines and to add new lines. Especially, it renews the existing old rail technology and is a new and more up-to-date system. [more…]