bts corlu wants new expert

BTS Requests New Expert for Corlu Train Crash

BTS drew attention to the fact that some experts in the Çorlu train accident have provided consultancy services to the institution for years and need to be renewed. BTS President Hasan Bektas, Corlu, the train accident that occurred after preparing some reports [more…]

places where the important transportation projects

Yertaş Construction Requires Konkordato

Yertaş Construction, which was established in 1975 and signed important metro projects in Ankara and Istanbul, demanded concordat because it could not collect its receivables. SözcüAccording to Bora ERDIN news, Dudullu-Bostanci metro started at 2016 [more…]

arifiyenin new bridge is counting gun

Arifiye's New Bridge Counts Days

Mayor Toçoğlu examined the bridge works in Arifiye on site and said: köprü With the bridge that will serve our 5 neighborhood, crossings will become safer and the 13 kilometer road will be connected to the 3 clilometer. [more…]

quality certificate to izmir tramway
35 Izmir

Quality Certificate to Izmir Tram

Hosted and operated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Karşıyaka trams have received quality approval from Turkish Standards Institute. TSE, Izmir Metro's integrated management system Konak and Karşıyaka also included tramways. 2000 [more…]

german tudemsasa partnership offer

German Partnership to TÜDEMSAŞ

TÜDEMSAŞ, which has made a name for itself in recent years, has been proposed to make a joint wagon from the German company. Some officials from the company engaged in the production of SKODA Sivas came to the factory said. the Germans [more…]