live traffic training

Live Traffic Training for Little Boys

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Yaşar Gölcu Elementary School gave live education to its students. Yaşar Gölcü Primary School students visited Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department Traffic Management Center together with their teachers Nebiha Akcakoyunlu. Traffic to Students [more…]

science expo inspires the future
16 Bursa

Science Expo Inspires the Future

finalists Turkey's most comprehensive event in the world's No. TK Science Expo project contest two projects MMG 3. R & D marked the summit. Science is part of everyday life with the aim of contributing to the training of the qualified labor force of the future [more…]

ils system was activated at the airport

ILS System Launched at Kastamonu Airport

Funda Ocak, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State Airports Administration, announced that the ILS system has been activated in Kastamonu in the announcement he made on his official twitter account. Here are the shares of General Manager Ocak: Uninterrupted and safe air traffic [more…]

2019 2021 announces annuity program
Intercity Railways

2019-2021 Period Investment Program Preparations Circular Published

The "2019-2021 Period Investment Program Preparations" circular, which sets out the road map of the Presidential government expenditures in the upcoming period, was published. The Presidency's 90-article "Investment Program Preparations for the 2019-2021 Period" was published. According to information compiled from the circular published in the Official Gazette, the government [more…]

2019 years ago tcddye 7 million rubles

2019 Million TL from 7 Budget to TCDD

2019 years 7 million financing needs in the first place 110 38 thousand Turkish Lira with the Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration (TCDD) purchased. General investment and investment of state economic enterprises and affiliated partners in 2019 [more…]

mediterranean countries met in izmir
35 Izmir

Mediterranean Countries Meet in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality hosted the "Marine Litter Best Practices Regional Cooperation Meeting" of the participating countries of the United Nations Environment Program, which came together within the framework of the Barcelona Convention. Under the United Nations Environment Program - Mediterranean Action Plan, [more…]

technical team visited tcdd 7
Intercity Railways

Technical Team TCDD Visits 7 District Directorate

TCDD General Directorate Capacity Department Head Halim Özgümüş, Vice President Zülkani Suzer and Capacity Building Technical Team visited TCDD 7th Regional Directorate. Within the Regional Directorate hosted by TCDD 7th Regional Director Adem Sivri, the railway line capacity [more…]

2019 will be in the automotive industry

2019 will be the year of transition in automotive

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) Chairman E. Ali Bilaloğlu and ODD General Coordinator Dr. At the meeting attended by Hayri Erce, while the automotive sector was evaluated, expectations for 2019 were also shared. We will share our association activities with the meetings. [more…]


Defective Elevator and Stairs of Metrobus Start Repair

Maintenance and repair work begins on the defective escalators and elevators of the metrobus line in Istanbul on November 1. The maintenance and repair tender of IETT, which was previously attached to the GCC, was held again in September and the contract was paid for 2 million 265 thousand liras in the past days. [more…]

izbande izban nightmare
35 Izmir

IZBAN Nightmare in Izmir

The light rail system İZBAN, which connects İzmir on the north-south axis, this morning caused chaos. ŞPO Chamber İzmir branch board secretary Zafer Mutluer said that urban transportation is planned with profit maximization rather than public understanding. [more…]