demirag osbde infrastructure works in progress
58 Sivas

Infrastructure Works in Demirağ OSB Continue

The General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration of Sivas Mehmet Nebi Kaya, the supervision of the Ministry of the Special Provincial Administration of Sivas and the investment and production base of Sivas in the ongoing infrastructure work in the Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone examined on-site. To Sivas Center [more…]

15 Burdur

Cableway to Sagalassos

The application of the Western Mediterranean Development Agency to the 2018 Year Feasibility Study Support Program has been approved for the Teleferic Project, which was planned to be constructed in order to facilitate transportation to the ancient city of Sagalassos, from the Presidency of Ağlasun Village Services Union. District Governor of Ağlasun [more…]

dilovasina entry exit will relax
41 Kocaeli

Entrance to Dilovasi

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is organizing the work at the West Junction to relieve the entrance to Dilovası city center. In the framework of the works, additional arms and bridges will be formed at the junction and connections will be provided. 2 pieces to be made within the scope of ongoing studies [more…]

Circular Installation of Cayırova Kavsaginda
41 Kocaeli

Landscaping at Çayırova Junction

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which gives importance to green and landscaping, continues its activities throughout the province without any breaks. Çayırova Junction, whose project has been drawn by Metropolitan Municipality and expanded by additional roads and other manufactures on highways, is being greened within the scope of landscaping. 50 bin [more…]

beautiful news
06 Ankara

The Good News from the Mothers

Taking into account the demands and desires of the capitalists, the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has put its signature on service-oriented works, has started a new service that will delight the mothers. Metropolitan Municipality Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (ASTI), free toilet with positive feedback from citizens [more…]

safe journey in akcaray vehicles
41 Kocaeli

Safe Travel in Akçaray Vehicles

The service provided by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and TransportationPark A.Ş. Akçaray, operated by 1 has been serving the people of Kocaeli for more than a year. 06: 00 in the morning between the night 24: 00 Kocaeli Izmit district in the city center of the tram that relieves transportation, in a short time [more…]