48 Poland

Poland Turkish Metro to Warsaw Subway

Poland Warsaw Metro Turkish Caress: 600 years of friendship between Turkey and Poland to commemorate the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) by Politechniki Metro station in Warsaw was placed in a magnificent Iznik tiles panel. 2014 year of the Ottoman-Lehistan [more…]


Konya will be one of 6 city

“Konya will be one of the 6 cities”: Konya Metro project, given the good news of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, was welcomed by the business world. Konya Chamber of Commerce President Selçuk Öztürk described the project as a major investment for Konya and said, [more…]


Field Work Conducted in Kars Logistics Center

Fieldwork was carried out in Kars Logistics Center: Logistics Center, which is planned to open with the commissioning of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway line, together with a delegation from the relevant Ministry, Kars Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) Manager Filiz Çalış and company officials. [more…]


Which Subway Not Working in Istanbul on May 1?

Which Subway Not Working in Istanbul on May 1? : It was announced that the subway and funicular services to Taksim were canceled on May 1. In the announcements posted at the stops, it was stated that the metro and funiculars would not go to Taksim until "a second notification". Friday, May 1 [more…]

34 Istanbul

İDO raises free shuttle vehicles to Marmar

İDO increased free shuttle buses to Marmaray: Istanbul Sea Buses (İDO) AŞ increased the number of shuttle buses that it provides free service from the fast ferry pier in Yenikapı to Marmaray and metro station. According to the statement made by IDO, 1 May-30 September 2015 [more…]

34 Istanbul

1 May take metro flights

Will subway services be made on May 1: On Friday, May 1, metro and finicular services to Taksim were canceled. In addition, aircraft that will fly under conditions like helicopters will not be allowed on Istanbul Airspace. Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]

Asphalt News

Aksu Alaylı-Gökdere road meets hot asphalt

Aksu Alaylı- Gökdere road meets hot asphalt: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality covers the connection road between Alaylı and Gökdere neighborhoods of Aksu district with hot asphalt. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department continues its asphalt works. Of teams, [more…]

81 Japan

It takes courage to cross this bridge

It takes courage to cross this bridge: This extraordinary bridge resembling a 'roller coaster' in Japan is the fearful dream of drivers ... The 'Eshima Ohashi' Bridge, built with an extraordinary design so that ships can pass under it, is the world's largest in its category. [more…]


İskilipe Mobese System Established

İskilipe Mobese System Established: Within the scope of the City Security Management System Project carried out by İskilip District Police Department, MOBESE cameras were installed on Çorum, Çankırı and Tosya road routes, which are the connection roads of the city. Local initiated and Highways [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Cendere Bridge Toilet Problem Fixed

Toilet Problem of Cendere Bridge Fixed: The toilet problem in the two thousand years old Cendere Bridge was solved with a portable toilet. Cendere on the Kahta Stream, which was built during the Roman period during Septimus Severus and has a history of 2 thousand years [more…]

02 Adiyaman

Water Network is being installed on the Ring Road

Water Network is Installed on the Ring Road: The construction works of the 3rd Ring Road, which will significantly relieve the traffic density in Adıyaman, continue at full speed. Infrastructure activities are carried out on the 2rd Ring Road to be opened in the north of the 3nd Ring Road. Adiyaman [more…]


Multi-level intersections to ease traffic

Multi-storey bridge intersections will relieve traffic: Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Celalettin Güvenç examined multi-storey bridge intersections, which were tendered, with the 9th Regional Directors of Highways. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Celalettin Güvenç, with the 9th Regional Director of Highways, [more…]


Thanks to KTO for Konya Metro project

Thank you to Konya Metro project from KTO: Konya Metro project, which was given the good news by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, was welcomed by the business world. Konya Chamber of Commerce President Selçuk Öztürk described the project as a great investment for Konya türk [more…]

34 Istanbul

Turgut Özal Stadium is becoming a metrobüs station

Turgut Özal Stadium becomes a metrobus station: Turgut Özal Stadium in Avcılar, which has been hosting football matches for years, becomes a transfer center for public transportation. The transfer center to be built instead of the stadium, such as metro, bus, metrobus, Marmaray, tram, railway network [more…]


Metro vehicles

Metro vehicles from the Metropolitan: Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who continues the district meetings in Karapınar and Emirgazi, said that the power of Konya municipalities will increase even more when the metro investment given by Prime Minister Davutoğlu is completed. Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Akyürek, [more…]


The army wants to train fast

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz: “High speed train is one of the projects that will be discussed in the coming years” - “In a city where the airport, universities and health facilities are the best, in a city that is a metropolitan, normal train [more…]

16 Bursa

To go to Bursa Yenisehir airport

The train will go to Bursa Yenişehir airport: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that Uludağ has new facilities, Uluabat is an eco-tourism region and the southern ring road is blocked from Ankara and said, “We want authority, not money. For our Minister of Health Bursa [more…]

34 Istanbul

3 from the Ministry. Bridge Description

3rd bridge statement from the Ministry: 3. Upon the news that there was a delay in the tender of the roads to the Bosphorus Bridge, the Ministry of Transport said that the period was extended due to the requests. The second postponement of the tender for the connection roads within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project [more…]

27 South Africa

Two suburban trains collided in South Africa

Two suburban trains collided in South Africa: In South Africa, the commuter train hit another commuter train that was parked. 1 person died in the accident, 240 people were injured. In Johannesburg, South Africa, two commuter trains collided with a [more…]