Countdown to the Tünektepe Cable Car Line

Countdown for the Tünektepe Cable Car Line: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 618 elevation point has been finalized in January for the completion of the construction of the remaining cable car in Tünektepe. 13 million 7 thousand TL price of the project determined the tender, 320 million 6 thousand TL bid was Osman Uluç Construction.

Tunektepe to; The only point between the Beydağları and the Taurus Mountains is the panoramic view of the city from Sıçan Island to Konyaaltı beach and Lara. The arrival of this hill by the cable car on the 618 elevation at the back of Antalya Port was raised by Hüseyin Öğütçen, the governor of the period in 1970, but not until 2012. When the governor of the period, Ahmet Altıparmak, re-launched the project, the Special Provincial Administration went on the tender for the construction of the cable car at 2012. Following the conclusion of the tender, construction works for the cable car line which will extend from Sarısu to Tünektepe in April of 2013 started. However, with the local elections of 2014, the project went to Metropolitan Municipality with the closure of the Special Provincial Administration in Antalya. Metropolitan Municipality, Tünektepe to be reached with a cable car to build one of the city's iconic structures while preparing a new project, the Contractor canceled the tender on the grounds that the firm could not train the business on time.

After the cancellation, the tender which the Metropolitan Municipality made in January and the 5 company joined the tender. The estimated cost of the project, which was determined as 7 million 320 thousand TL, was awarded to Osman Uluç İnşaat with the bid of 6 million 950 thousand TL. According to the tender specifications, the company will complete the construction of the 8 1 ropeway 1200 in the 150 cabin.

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