IZBAN campaign that attracts attention on the site reaching millions

İZBAN Campaign: 196 70 more than a million users in the country change.org'da, Izmir Suburbs (İZBAN) campaigns are remarkable.
It focuses on changing issues with signature campaigns on many subjects such as animal rights, human rights, nature and environmental issues, ethnic divisor, sexist advertisements; Signature signatures for İZBAN are also prominent in change.org, where the signatures reach thousands or even millions. First of all, the campaign was started in order to increase the security measures in İZBAN.
A citizen from Izmir said: ez Using the subway in Izmir turned into a torment. İZBAN voyages become more frequent during the departure times Büyük, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu was also labeled. . In our beautiful city, we have thousands of people from Izmir who have come to work in the industrial areas of Aliağa and surrounding regions by using İZBAN trains. IZBAN flights with 20 or 25 intermittent intervals are very insufficient. People are traveling in lap lap. In the morning, when a person misses the train he will take, he expects a minimum of 20 minutes in cold İZBAN stations. In the morning, the last station on the train a few stops further ahead and Menemen Aliaga Gram, and time intervals sıklaştırılıp 10-15 minutes after work hours was lowered to the problem will be solved. Instead of showing other trains using the TCDD line as a dry excuse, a coordination should be made between the institutions and the solution should be focused. For example, other trains can be organized outside the 1 hourly periods of intense return. We appreciate new city projects, but we want to check the current level of services for the city and people and to increase them when necessary. If the target is to serve the people of Izmir, this problem can be solved. It is the right of every İzmirman to travel in a decent manner İn.
Change.org, a citizen of Izmir again with the campaign of terrorism in the country due to increased terrorist attacks in İZBAN was asked to increase security measures. Hepimiz The terror threats against metropolitan cities in recent days are all known. We all see how inadequate the security in Izmir Metro and bus garage. Every day thousands of people in Izmir, which is used by public transport media urgently need to take serious security measures. If you are saying 'yes true', sign this campaign for yourself, your family and your loved ones. Have them reach large audiences by sharing. Remember, how much signature so fast results. Endless thanks to myself and the people of Izmir ”.

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