92 Pakistan

Cable car accident in Pakistan, 11 dead

Cable car accident in Pakistan, 11 dead: 11 people died as a result of the cable break of the cable car carrying villagers in Mari, one of the tourist resorts of Pakistan. In the statement made by search and rescue officials, the capital [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD Transportation INC.

TCDD Transportation Inc. to the speedometer mileage compensation to mechanics: One of the material problems experienced by machinists for years, the problem of hourly pay in work trains has been resolved. [more…]


Disabled Walkway

'Disabled' overpass: Some overpass in Samsun due to the lack of disabled ramps and elevators that said the shortage of people with disabilities live in Turkey Disabled Association branch president of Auspicious Hakyemezoğl, [more…]


RayHaber 29.06.2017 Tender Bulletin

Ballast Loading Service Will Be Taken Installation of Camera Monitoring System at Level Crossings Construction of Warning Signs at Level Crossings Will be Overpassed YHT Regional Directorate Gps, Total Station, Electronics [more…]