Cankansen: "TCDD Tasimacilik Be Good"

Although it has been a long time since it was enacted within the scope of TCDD, the new Subsidiary, named as TCDD Transportation, has started to operate in the beginning of this year. Vatana Millete and our community to be good.

It's our wish!

Let this partnership be a successful journey, and in the years to come, TCDD Transport is a new world brand.

TCDD During the establishment phase of transportation, we provided support to non-governmental employees with a formula to avoid touching the job security of our employees even though TIRT is trying to prevent all kinds of competitors.

TIRT stuck in the word to other people to try to prevent people trying to prevent the TIR'in I also mentioned below.

TIRT MEALİ; If we continue from where we left after this explanation, in terms of “nothing empty, it doesn't work, it doesn't happen”;

TCDD We have been accused of all kinds of slander while supporting the process as a non-governmental organization during the legalization and establishment process of TCDD.

However, our most important request was to prevent the existing political will from trying to go to an organization based on a company rather than a subsidiary, and eventually not to bring the concept of privatization to this institution.

We managed the process successfully with the support of the institution as the parties and

We've done it. We also did not allow our TCDD brothers and sisters to escape the taste of TCDD employees and keep them out of their administration.

”We have been the biggest guarantor of TCDD employees' job security.“

If you remember TIRT civil society organizations who have been charged with all kinds of charges in this process; TCDD employees from existing workplaces, other work places will be deported, they will be uneasy in the workplace, all kinds of difficulties waiting for the employees as long as, as a result of the support we give as a part of employees as a result of our job as a part of us, so to sell başka sell employees başka to be forgiven all kinds of slander accusing him of indiscriminate propaganda ...

History showed us! All the promises they said in the last four years have exploded in their hands / languages. Nothing they said in the process came true. This was hung on their necks as a medal of honor.


All his words / rhetoric / slanders also appeared in TIRT.

In the process of establishing TCDD Transportation, it seems like they are doing something for their soles and saving the day. .

What they say in Anatolia;

D Bald seemed to fall. “

At the moment, all the stones of our institution are iyle

Who sent them in exile from the institution? No one,

Who was upset? No one,

Who touched TCDD employees' job security? No one

Are there any employees who suffer from the activities of the newly established subsidiary? There is nobody

However, I would like to congratulate you again in Anatolia

”If the child is born with a firm foot, the owner will multiply!“

It is also nice to have the right sentences and go to the places of interest in Anatolia.

If we look at the four years and the point where we came from, the works we have done have shown us!

… You are the real us / TIRT “

As a result;

- There were transplants from the place of exile, so you said! There is no such thing as Var

-You said our workplaces would close / be privatized, and employees would be sent to the pool. Is it OK? It did not. No such thing!

- The employees who would close the workplaces with the restructuring would be sent to the other provinces and businesses. Did it send? No such thing!

- Employees residing in the residence will be sold, the employees said to be thrown out, it did not happen. Nothing like that!

You were saying that other subsidiaries of -TCDD will be privatized and their employees will be sent to other institutions. Is it OK? No such thing!

After this time, if we talk to our share;

- There is no such thing as stopping and counting on the spot, saying we're an active union!

-We're not gonna stop until this day.

- We're in a long run towards new targets. There's no such thing as sinking!

In order to reach new targets, we will not be near the distance as we will be on the roads / side. There is no stopping in Ankara!

- As always, we stand by our country and we will continue to support the national will as we have supported to this day. There's no such thing as thinking!

-Referandum process by saying yes in the provinces by giving support to the process of the new constitution, and a step back on the issue of freedoms not throw back!

- We have always been on the sides of our religious brothers who live in the oppressed regions. After that, we will continue to be their supporter and there is no such thing as thinking!

- If you remember that the year's permits were also transferred to the other year. There is no such thing as 2017 collective agreement.

By the way, basic wage groups of contracted staff died! May Allah not rest.

- There is nothing to benefit from the compensation of welfare acılık

KazanOur work, our work, and our service race with ourselves, not with you, will continue.

Do not forget! There is no limit to the service, but there is service at the border.

We are responsible for every square meter of our homeland and all Islamic geography. Tomorrow I will ask my Lord and sent each of you as a servant and I have given responsibilities.

I wish good luck Ramadan.


I finish my words by saying Bye and Friendly.

Escrow to the SA


General president

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