Train on level crossing with engine standing in car, 4 injured

The train hit the car that stopped the engine at the level crossing, 4 injured: 4 people were injured in Osmaniye as a result of the train hitting the car that stopped the engine at the level crossing.
According to information received, Arıklıaş Village D-400 highway level crossing, under the control of Muhsin Keserci 07 K 5244 plate car engine stopped.
Meanwhile, the freight train number 63280 used by the mechanic M.D, who was going from Osmaniye to the garden, hit the car with the engine stopped.
Zübeyde, Sinem and Yusuf Keserci from the same family were injured in the accident.
The wounded, 112 Emergency Service teams from the scene, the Garden State Hospital was removed.
The wounded were reported to be in good condition.

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